[FE7] Arena Background

To make it appear that there’s a moving crowd in the arena background, it alternates between two different palettes every couple of frames. I’m able to edit the first palette in FEBuilder, but can’t find any information on the second. Has anyone done this before? If so, what is the address of the second palette?

You can use FEBuilder’s debugger to view current palettes under the Etc tab. l used it to pinpoint some palettes and found out the others are around the same place as the palette in the patch. In a case like this, you can click the Graphics Editor button on the patch page and change the Palette Number there around to view the other palettes nearby. 4 and 8 appear to be the other Arena palettes. Their addresses are:

81DE63C and 81DE69C

That’s how it seems, anyway. Hope it works and that what l said made sense.