FE7: Ardent Durandal Edition


Firstly, I have no idea where this category should be placed in so I took a shot in the dark. If this has been misplaced I am happy to comply.

Secondly, I have decided to take it upon myself to untangle the messy story that is Fire Emblem 7.
Currently, there is no work for this idea as I have other things to focus on, but sooner or later I intend to post my own take on Fire Emblem 7 with updated story threads, character motivations, and such.

I don’t mean to just take Fire Emblem 7 and give it a completely new story or rewrite all the dialogue. Instead, I have a few goals with a few rules.


  1. Maintain all character personalities and basic motivations, and keep the story, at its core, what it’s truly about. Although Lundgren is a simple villain, for example, he does not need to have an “updated” character motivation to make him better.
  2. Fix plotholes and decide which what should stay and what should be adjusted. Naturally, this point will raise the most eyebrows, because some things really will have to be changed. An example is with the entire mess that is the Bern arc that nobody really understands. Priority will first and foremost be given to explanations for what happens with vanilla gameplay.
  3. This really should go without saying, but fix translation issues.
  4. Don’t add things that don’t need to be added. Yes, as much as we all love Renault and want his backstory expanded on a little more, the intention is NOT to create a fanfiction, but to do Intelligent System’s work for them and tell the story they were most likely trying to tell from the beginning.
  5. No gameplay will be adjusted. Period. In fact, it might just be text-based only for easy compatibility with other FE7 rebalance projects, but if changes are necessary in order to adhere to above rules as closely as possible, certain changes to events may need to be made…

As a side, I will probably make a separate rebalance patch later.

Going Forward

Although I may not actually have this project available for display, I highly encourage feedback for this concept and if you want to spit out some plotholes of FE7, then that would make my job easier. I do not have any intention to discuss what exactly I will be doing to fix each individual plothole, but once the project is complete I can make a spoilered list probably exactly where this section is.


Okay but

Hiraeth: Exists


Could Canas not die in a snowstorm, please? It would make me feel better about him.

As much as I would like that, it violates goal 4.

I feel as if the rules contradict each other when it comes to making FE7 plothole-free and actually good. I am currently trying to get some concepts together myself and it would already break the rules very hard and I am already restricting myself to making it as close to vanilla as possible, taking all the negative impact on the tale that does have with me.

Goal 2 covers that.

Again, not everything can be covered. Much of the flaws with FE7’s storytelling flaws revolves around characters doing something unbelievably stupid or activities that seem incompatible with each other and really don’t make any sense. Mekkah made a whole series on his criticisms but because it was a Mr. Plinkett parody thing I couldn’t really watch through it due to the voice being hard to follow and very different from Mekkah’s normal ASMR voice.

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This sound really interesting: you had a great idea.
I still think that a “good version” of Fire Emblem 7 is a fundamental priority in order to save the game.
The other games such as Fe6 or Fe8 don’t actually need a story-improved version: not that they don’t have plot holes, but their overall quality is positive anyway.
As Mekkah said “Fe7 is the worst” and this project can fix a lot of its flaws making the game at least decent.
Just to be clear: for the moment Fire Emblem 7 is really bad.
If I were you, I would also add some improvements for the gameplay, for example I think that you should add a promotion for the thief in order to make the class “Assassin” sooner available in the game.
Because in the original Fe7 the promotion of the thief is absolutely useless (this is an example of “unnecessary mechanics” that this game has and that should be improved as well)

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Can you make some endings more “varied”? For example, one of the things that always bugged me is how most of Hector’s paired endings is just copy and pasted like “Hector succeeded his brother as the marquess of Ostia, but the pain of his brother’s death weighed heavily on him. His beloved (girl with A rank support) gave him comfort and helped him become an enlightened leader.”. I felt a bit cheated after i spent so much time building their support only to get a copypasta