FE7 - Another Rebalance/Rehaul - Version 3!

==== Version 3 ====

Welp, back once again, with another update. There were a few bugs that needed ironing out, like goofy arena fighters using weapons that kinda break using the arena if you were unlucky enough to find, say, a Warrior.

Fire Emblem 7 Mistakes Version 3
Lyn Promote

That’s right, another version, another Title/Lyn palette!

Bugs are fixed, further balance tweaks, experience gain adjustments, and another test complete.

Oh, and map sprites are less ugly.

Good luck.

Download : FE7 Mistakes Version 3.7z - Google Drive

==== Update 1.1 ====

Finally, after a year and 6 weeks, I’ve done it, a complete rebuilding of my Rehaul. Now with slightly fewer mistakes and a few extra levels of tweaking including Weapons+ and adjusted character slots for smoother difficulty tweaking.

Only one new credit for this one; DerTheVamporeon and Pikmin1211 for Ephraim weapon edit battle animations for a certain Prince, there are more weapon icons used from TO:KoL however.

Also; woo 300+ downloads! This will be my last adjustment to this particular mod (barring if something gamebreaking happens to be in it), and giving permission to anyone to use my original content as a basis for… whatever they’re doing.

Fire Emblem 7 Mistakes Updated

  • Weapons+ have been added to the game, and can be bought in Secret shops and are carried by enemies in later chapters and Hard Mode.
  • Bosses have been tweaked to be more like bosses.

Download : Fire Emblem 7 Mistakes Updated.7z - Google Drive

(P.S. Known bugs are; Nosferatu criticals can roll healed HP to strange values that glitch graphics, and resuming runs where enemies have negative of a stat underflow the stat to max, but there are not many instances of this outside of Luck.)

Spoiler Log in the comments.

==== Original Post ====

Just a little something I started working on after discovering FEBuilder/recovering from COVID back in February. Most of the changes were probably palette in nature, but I did fiddle with a bit of everything, and had many fun crashes and faults along the way to something that I hope is a polished patch. (It doesn’t stutter on my PSP emulator, one of the far pickier ones for patches that I’ve seen.)

Fire Emblem (Mistakes) Title
Fire Emblem (Mistakes) Battle Screen
Fire Emblem (Mistakes) Battle Screen2
Fire Emblem (Mistakes) Class Reel

Ideally I went about trying to stabilize out some of the bad randomization that can happen while making it overall harder by leaning into better HP and Luck on both sides and making weapons feel like more of an upgrade to compensate for the former.
Lots of changes (Including QoL stuff patched in), but some highlights to look out for;

  • Max level is 30, and promoting doesn’t reset level.
  • Increased the Speed required to double by 1. Bartre almost becomes playable!
  • Weapon endurance adjusted, typically lower, but recruits start with more weapons. The idea is to break some people’s tendency to never use special weapons and to give each new recruit a little more flavor and usability right out the gate. No Iron Supremacy.
  • All hardmodes have the +5 level growths, and enemies in hardmode carry Earth Seals instead of the normal promotion items to give experienced players a much broader option pool.
  • Most shops have been tweaked, especially Secret ones.

Download : Fire Emblem (Mistakes Were Made).7z - Google Drive

While I’m marking this as complete, I would appreciate feedback to further tweak it because I have one last sweeping change I want to make with adding weapons. Personally played HHM so Normal and Eliwood route feedback would be pretty valuable in particular.

Credits :
Eliwood Lance by Spud
Nomad Trooper Melee Range fix by ltranc, Valak
Shaman [F] magic fix by Shin19
Wyvern Rider and Lord Axe animations by TheBlindArcher
Hero Linus Heavy and Swordmaster Lloyd by Greentea
Raven Blue Shield by Swain, Pikmin1211, ltranc
Thief Catgirl by Sme
Lyn Blade animations by Moocavo
Heavy Infantry animation by Nuramon,
Female variant by ZoramineFae.
Travant mug by Atey
FE11 Regalia icon 002 by LordGlenn
Brave Bow icon by 2WB (Dragonbow)
Killing Axe/Lance/Edge and Heavy Lance icons by Zelix
Killer Bow icon by Celice (Bow 5)
Dark Sword based on authenticmaniac’s Venin Edge
Wind Sword by Ereshkigal (Katana 6), Regal Blade (Blade 6), Durandal (Blade 22)
Ogre Blade/Lance/Axe/Bow based on Tactics Ogre KoL sprites
Thani, Dark Axe/Lance/Bow, battle/map sprite repalettes, map edits/repalettes by me


Did you add +1 move to knight, general and hector promo?

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I did things. Things that make some of the classes like the Armor and Archer lines more usable. Though… I had an idea to help them out a little more… Scribbles some notes Version 1.1 things.

I found an archer with - 1 strength in Chapter 3 somehow. His Str is displayed as — and his atk is 8 (1 less than Iron Bow’s 9 Mt).

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Wild, not sure why I’d change that character slot to -3 Pow. Does getting into combat with it do extremely dumb things?

EDIT: Nope, this looks fine, game is fine with negative Str/Luck, does not have a sanity check for negative Res though, that’s some shenanigans.

Also, is the reaver effect in the Armorslayer intentional? Maybe you should change the description since it has two effects now.

Giving away the farm, are ya? Also space limitations. It’s just a little more effective than previously assumed.

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Sorry, just thought you might have forgotten. Also if you want I won’t spoil anything else.

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Man, those changes sound all over the place… I’m interested! :star_struck:

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Hey, I’m going through Lyn Mode and just finished Siblings Abroad, so here are my first impressions:

The Good

  • Loved Lyn’s new hair color. Orange haired anime girls are way cooler than green haired anime girls.
  • It feels different. It’s a completely unique experience compared to the vanilla game. Like, I had that confused look on my face ( this one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) during my whole playthrough :joy:
  • The buffs and changes didn’t trivialize the early game.

The Bad

  • Look how you massacred my boy… Honestly, Wil feels weaker than in the original version, where he was already a low tier unit. The main problem is how unreliable he is, since you nerfed bow’s accuracy to compensate for the damage buff. Problem is: low accuracy hurts archer the most, since melee units can still do things on Enemy Phase if they miss on Player Phase, but whenever Wil missed it was basically a “Yeah, you just lost two turns mother fucker” That said, I noticed he has high Skill, so maybe you also buffed his growths, hoping that in the late game his high Skill will make up for the low accuracy of bows, allowing him to fully benefit from the weapon’s high damage?

The Ugly

  • The new pallets for map sprites look cool, I give you that, but they introduce some problems. Sometimes I had a hard time differentiating my units from the enemy’s, since both use very dark colors - which also affected differentiating units that had and hadn’t taken their turn. I wouldn’t completely abandon the idea, but I would suggest trying to use more distinct colors for the map sprites.

Yeah, I tried to darken the ‘taken turn’ units even further and ultimately the palette gives most units a thick black outline, but I still got messed up from time to time because there aren’t a lot of bright red/yellow highlights like the original. I didn’t want to completely make them lose all depth by making them -too- dark though. Might need to consider making more contrast elsewhere somehow.

And I don’t know, in my runs Wil didn’t end up missing that much, but it’s still designed so he’s a viable option to give the Emblem Seal for the Lyn arc.

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Hey! I am playing this rehaul and it sure feels way different to many others around here

I just wanted to make a quick question: What’s the intended difficulty for the game?

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in the op it says it was tested on HHM

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Got it. Thanks!


I wanted it to be a little harder than vanilla, at least in the hard modes. Harder, but less ‘dying randomly to 1% crit’ so it might feel a little easier to some in that regard if one already has an idea about how vanilla meta works.

Also possible to just break the game even harder with some knowledge about some of the edits I did, which is why I’m trying to be mum about it, hoping it’s worth a second playthrough to do exactly that. :joy:

Welcome back from lurker town, btw.

Haha great. Yeah is just that i was finding quite the challenge from the lower weapon durability and the greater enemy quality overall but maybe i just have skill issue.

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Then I’m being successful in making you consider your weapon resources. :pray:

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Hey this hacks looks interesting, I’m particularly interested by the Wyvern Lord Sain. I wanted to know if there was an estimate for when the 1.1 update would release? I don’t want to be in the more then halfway through the game and a major game patch comes out that changes how the game is played.

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It’ll be a while, and won’t change much outside of the later half of the hardmodes, at least as I’m drawing up the concept now.

As in, most of the changes for 1.1 as of now are just Weapons+ (Like 3H) added will just be the same as base game but with added Mt/uses and given to some late shops and hard mode enemies that could use the help.

Perfect! I’ll give it a play then!

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