[FE7/8] "Overcrits"

I had an idea while in FEXNA chat with Skitty, and this may not be doable at all but I figured, why not check?

[quote]I actually chatted with Skitty about adding “Overkill” crit that deals 6x or 9x damage. Basically, if you hit 100% critrate, you always crit, but now you have a tiny chance (104% crit - 100% guaranteed = 4% chance) to activate the overkill 6x/9x crit damage. That’d be fucking sweet.

In FEXNA, extra hitrate turns into critrate at a rate of 3:1. So if you have 130 hitrate and your opponent has 0 AVO, you have 100 hitrate and 30 hitrate left over, which converts to 10 crit.

This could be a badass system if used properly.[/quote]

So, would someone be interested in adjusting the critical system like so? Might be a neat niche for swordmasters and zerkans. If someone does it for FE8 too, I’ll use it. Honestly though, I feel like this would require adding a whole new RN for the engine to roll, and that might not even be doable for GBA.

I could do this. It’s a trivial modification of the routine that calculates criticals (in fact, I already wrote the section of Modular Battle that handles it to take some multiplier for the damage; just add in another check or so to that)

Changing the multiplier might be a bit OP, maybe SNES-style “overkill” crits (MT * 3 - Def/Res) might be a better way to go?

I sure do love adding mechanics that will be called maybe once in an entire run if the player specifically tries, and won’t actually change the outcome of anything


That’d be awesome! Thanks.

While this idea does sound cool, I don’t see much of a point considering how it would likely be nearly impossible to activate one of these even if the player went out of their way to do so. On the other hand, I do like these little touches in fiction (who doesn’t?) so maybe it could be in for coolness sake’s alone, but having a feature that doesn’t matter in gameplay would seem really odd.

Alternate proposal: Overcrits are a skill: it either makes all crits the unit deals 6x (or 9x), but the skill itself would be rare (unique to a specific special class?), or just simply gives a small chance of an overcrit depending on the normal crit rate the unit has on the enemy. Granted, those ideas wouldn’t show up much either, but those seem more likely to occur than reaching >100% crit (and if you have a unit with 100% crit the enemy will probably die anyway.)

You’re making the false assumption that 100+ crit would generally be impossible to reach without trying. I was planning to make it quite easily attainable for swordmasters in my own game so it wouldn’t be as niche as expected.

I do have a better idea though: Making 100%+ crit have a chance to penetrate defenses. So if you get 105% critrate, that means you have a 5% chance to basically Luna the foe.

Eh? Eh?

H-How good is that, gameplay-wise? D:
Hope you’ve tested that wisely.

It depends on whether you balance your game like a regular developer or try and be witty and funny like me and use totally new systems. Since weapons get stronger with only WT being a drawback (In my game, not others obvs), generally having 100+crit isn’t always amazing as it sounds for swordmasters who will generally have to sacrifice a lot of atk for this. Axe users can nab 80 ATK with their legendaries, sword users will have to not use a legendary to get 100+ crit, and their legendaries will only get 50 ATK max anyway.

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