[FE7/8] Conversation groups

There’s a bit of data in the character struct used for “Conversation type”. In FE7 this was used for certain house/village events where the visiting character speaks a few lines in conversation with the person in the house (namely, the Renault cameo in mid-game and Sophia’s cameo in the endgame). This data exists in FE8 as well but is seemingly unused.

The speech pattern differences aren’t as large in English versions as they are in Japanese, since the speaker’s gender and social status don’t have as much of a difference on their English phrasing.

I’ve organized them with a short description of the personality used to flavor the line.

FE7 conversation groups:

Group 0 (Default Male): Eliwood, Canas, Sain, Lowen, Heath
Group 1 (Quiet/Gruff Male): Raven, Karel, Dorcas, Fargus, Renault
Group 2 (Casual Speech Male): Hector, Geitz, Matthew, Dart, Legault
Group 3 (Polite Neutral): Oswin, Erk, Pent, Kent, Karla, Harken
Group 4 (Older Male): Bartre, Marcus, Athos, Merlinus, Wallace (+some boss characters)
Group 5 (Young Male): Guy, Wil
Group 6 (… Male): Rath, Hawkeye, Jaffar
Group 7 (Default Female): Lyn, Rebecca, Fiora
Group 8 (Casual Female): Serra, Farina
Group 9: (Gruff Female): Vaida
Group 10 (Knightly Female): Isadora
Group 11 (Noble Female): Louise, Priscilla
Group 12 (Shy/Overly Polite): Florina, Lucius, Ninian
Group 13 (Little Kid): Nino, Nils

FE8 conversation groups:

Group 0 (Default Male): Colm, Innes, Cormag, Artur, Rennac, all bonus bosses
Group 1 (Quiet/Gruff Male): Garcia
Group 2 (Casual Speech Male): unused in FE8
Group 3 (Polite Neutral): Seth, Franz, Ephraim, Forde, Kyle, Knoll, Joshua
Group 4 (Older Male): Gilliam, Moulder, Gerik, Dozla, Duessel
Group 5 (Young Male): Ewan, Ross
Group 6 (… Male): Saleh
Group 7 (Default Female): Eirika, Neimi, Lute, Amelia, Tethys
Group 8 (Casual Female): unused in FE8
Group 9 (Gruff Female): unused in FE8
Group 10 (Knightly Female): Vanessa, Natasha, Syrene, Tana
Group 11 (Noble Female): L’arachel
Group 12 (Shy/Overly Polite): Marisa, Myrrh
Group 13 (Little Kid): unused in FE8


In FEBuilderGBA you can see from this label.


In FE 8, it is necessary to create a branch instruction by using the instruction to acquire the conversation group.
(For FE 7, a dedicated structure is used.)

2133FFFF	Get conversation group of operating unit(CHECK_STATUS)	@STOREC	{UNITCOND}