[FE7/8] Changing the Range of Support Bonuses

Once upon a time, I stumbled across a post online that “suggested” that the distance two units had to be in order to gain support points can be altered through hex editing (I forgot if the post was from here, Serenes Forest, or FEShrine, but I can’t find it now).

Now that I’m working on supports, I have been reminded of that post. It made me wonder whether or not it was possible to change the maximum distance for two units with supports to receive support bonuses through hex editing. I’d greatly appreciate any help/info on this matter.

FE6: 22EAC
FE7: 26A88
FE8: 28620
Change the 03 at this location to the maximum range that supports affect other units.


Thanks again, Tequila!

On another note, how did you manage to get this data? Is there open research for this?

I had it written down in my notes; I don’t remember how i found it, but it probably was by tracing the appropriate battle routines in this topic.

I see. Thanks again.

If it is FEBuilderGBA, a patch will appear when searching for “Scope Area of support” or “Scope of support”.
It is the same as the value written by Tequila.

FE6 :0x22eac


Is this the area support boosts affect, the area they’re gained, or both

This is for changing the area of support boost effects. To change the range in which support points are gained, look into Venno’s notes. There is also a patch in FEBuilderGBA called “Gain support points by than adjacent” that also changes the range.

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