FE6 Promoted Enemy Level Bonus

Hello, everyone! I’ve been visiting this site for a while now and have learned a lot from reading other people’s questions. Right now, I’m editing FE6 with FEBuilder, but I have a problem.
In FE8, there is a patch that allows you to change the level bonus given to promoted units, but FE6 has nothing like this. I would appreciate if someone could make a patch or tell me what Hex I need to change.

I would imagine this is a simple change, but people just haven’t gotten around to it since barely anybody hacks Binding Blade.

You mean the bonuses that you get when promoting?

No, sorry. I mean the bonus that promoted enemies get depending on the mode. In Normal, they get +9 added to their level while in Hard they get +19. It’s the reason why enemy Druids have a base Magic of 6 but can have around 18 at level 1.
This is what the patch looks like in FEBuilder in FE8.