(FE6) Possibility of giving unique animations to specific characters like in Blazing Sword?

Like the title says, would it be possible for someone to try and create a patch for Binding Blade so characters can be given unique animations? I know that someone created a patch for Sacred Stones, so maybe one for Fe6 could work?

It’d actually be pretty easy. To my understanding, animations are tied directly to their classes; so characters with unique animations usually are of a clone class that other units don’t have access to.
For example: In FE7, Hawkeye is a berserker, but has a unique battle animation. This berserker class is different from the one that Dart promotes to, which is the standard Berserker. However, these usually have the same exact stats, and are only visual diferences. Similarly, Legault’s thief class is different than Mathew’s thief class

I’m pretty sure for FE7 that’s not true? I don’t know if this applies to every unique class. I know most characters who appear to have unique animations are not different classes due to a feature of FE7 that allows for overriding a class animation by character ID. If the hack for FE6 doesn’t exist, you can either port it yourself or give each unique character a custom class with the same stats and a different animation.

I just checked and you’re half-right. What I said is instead used more for classes that have a female variant