FE6: No Redundancy Edition

It just has the vanilla FE6 supports. Note that supports are based on unit slot and are otherwise unaltered from vanilla. For instance, Marlot (in Marcus’s spot) still supports Rae (in Roy’s spot), but he will not have any of Zelot’s vanilla supports.

Ah ok, that makes sense. Is there a way of knowing which characters are in which spots or will I kind of just have to Guess work it?

It’s generally pretty obvious who’s in what spot just by where they join.

Makes sense. Would characters like Juyan have different supports based on which route the player is on? Like in the Ilian route they have Juno’s supports and in the Sacae route they have Dayan’s

No, it’s the same character ID. Don’t remember exactly which one, but it’s probably the Juno one.

If you really care this much about supports, you can always crack the game open in builder and check. They aren’t exactly a selling point of this hack.

Fair enough, I just tend to rely on Support bonuses for my strategies so I figured it’d be practical to ask ahead of time. Speaking of which, I do appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.

You can get infinite B. Virtus in chapter 23 from the village, I think its a bug.

Yeah I knew about that and decided to just leave it because it was silly. And there’s only one map left, so it’s not like it really matters.

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