FE6 NM Ironman (My first ironman)

based on my poll, FE6 won, and I have heard that FE6 HM is very hard, so I will do a NM ironman.

roy crit twice in a row, blessed run incoming?
first level up, roy got everything except def and res, too late to screenshot, but
roy lvl 2
roy level 3
lance level 2
alen level 2
chapter 1 damas killed

btw i tried to weaken him but marcus 7% crit rip

Chapter 1 Finished.

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Okay, you don’t need to make a separate post for every single screenshot you have. Split them up by chapter, for example, instead.


Chapter 2 -

We got Merlinus and Elen from the start, then Dieck, Shanna, and fighter bros Ward and Lot turn 2
ward level 3
lance lvl 3
chapter 2 rude killed
ward level 4

Chapter 2 complete

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Chapter 3 Start -

Chad on the first turn

wolt level 2
a bit late for the screenshot, he got hp, speed, luck, and defense

bors level 2

shanna leveled up, got speed

alen level 3

elen level 3

ward level 5

lot level 4

Lugh is recruited
lugh recruited

wolt redemption arc?
wolt level 3

res blessed lance
lance level 4

really shanna? really?
shanna level 3

elen level 4

lugh level 2

chapter 3 slater kill

I almost lost roy there because he missed his rapiers against slater, so I decided to make a risky move and possibly sack lugh, but it worked out pog (in hindsight I should have rescued with marcus)

Chapter 3 complete

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Chapter 4 start

ward level 6

Missed the level up, got everything except def and res
chad level 2

Missed Lugh’s next level, got HP and speed

elen level 5

First death rip Lot
lot death

bors level 3

god i hate ambush spawns, come on rutger
rip run

Let’s just say this is a permadeath run, i will keep where i left off

Chapter 4 Retry
ward level 6
dieck level 6
roy level 5
bors level 3
chad level 2
rutger recruited
lot level 5
lugh level 3
chad level 3
chad level 4

She got HP, Magic, Speed, Luck, and Resistance
elen level 5 new
bors level 4
shanna level 4

missed another elen level because shanna boss abuse (y no strength) (got HP, Magic, and Luck)
elen level 6
shanna level 5
shanna level 6
wolt level 4

Missed the level up screen AGAIN (she got HP, Luck, and Resistance)
clarine level 2

lugh level 4

Oh yeah, Erik dies, i forgor to screenshot :skull:

Chapter 4 complete

Chapter 5 start

rutger level 5
alen level 4
dieck level 7
chad level 5
rutger level 6
lugh level 5
dieck level 8
dory killed

More people got levels, but I missed them. From now on, I will only cover important events like recruitments, deaths, or boss kills.

Chapter 5 complete.

Which characters should I use (least amount of votes gets benched

  • Marcus
  • Alen
  • Lance
  • Bors
  • Wolt
  • Dieck
  • Shanna
  • Rutger
  • Ward
  • Lot
  • Chad
  • Lugh
  • Elen
  • Clarine
  • Merlinus

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