FE6 HM Lord Solo

So, me and a few other guys were talking about soloing every FE game in the series with just the lords. We decided to give it a try. I took on FE6: Binding Blade, since it’s my favorite game in the series.

Here are the rules:

  1. You must play on the hardest difficulty you can handle.
  2. You must only ever use the lord(s) (You can use staff/thief/meat shield units if you are forced to, depending on the game. Just make sure they cannot attack, if possible.)
  3. You can use stat boosters.
  4. If you are literally unable to use your lord (like RD 3-13), you can skip the chapter.

[details=“Chapter 1: Luck Based”]

It all begins here. Going to first start with giving Roy every item.

After that, I’ll just go here and they’ll all have 22% hit. gg

I can already tell this will be great. I sure am lucky.

Plan is working, but that village is gonna get fucked. RIP.

Okay, this actually isn’t that bad. I want more res though.

Well, I sure am lucky, aren’t I?

I feel like something’s missing here. Hmm…

So, I went up here and cleared out two of the axe users… so far, so good. At least I’m not down in the corner anymore.


We’re almost done. Got these guys to come down to me, so once they’re out I can hopefully rek the boss.

He’ll never know it, but the reality was much worse.

Not gonna lie, I honestly forgot to screencap his 7th level up.
Strength, Speed, LUCK

I am honestly not sure what I was worried about. The dude can’t even touch Roy.


Die faster next time, thx.

Oh hey, more luck, just what I wanted.

Next up: Chapter 2: This got real easy. [/details]


You absolute madman

So much SPEED. Sanic Roy gogogo

Chapter 2: This got real easy.

Oh man, so, first thing’s first. I’ll sell everything but the swords.

Oh no, oh no, oh no. Fucking hell this makes my job that much harder.

Roy’s having a good time, though. Isn’t that what REALLY matters in the end?

Shanna went and saved everyone, while Roy just started hiding in the woods to clear everyone out.

I then moved him onto the fort.

I feel like I’ve seen this before.


Made it to the second two forts. Roy is just taking it easy now.

Then again, they can barely even hit him now. No wonder they ran.

RES! Finally!

Looks like this one thinks he can get away.

No survivors.

I want at least one more res. That’s all I’m asking for at this rate. Dammit, Roy.

Well look at that.

Now the real battle begins. This will be tough.

jk, it was easy.


Next up: Chapter 3: Too many units.

Chapter 3: Too many units.

Okay, first thing’s first… God, why are there so many enemy units in this chapter?

Okay, fuck it. People are gonna just meatshield.

Decided to have Roy camp on a forest again. It’s my best chance here for now.

Our Boy’s first crit. So proud.

I’m not proud of him anymore.

Okay, I take it back, Roy.

I REALLY take it back.

After getting really lucky, I managed to clear ALL of them out. It was hell. Everyone but Roy, Marcus, and Chad died. Ripperoni. I don’t know why I enjoy torturing myself.

Roy: Not anymore, I’m afraid. They’re all dead.
Lugh: W-what?
Roy: Join me, I need more distractions.
Lugh: …

Thanks for that Vulnerary, Lugh.

Someone gets it.


This dude is me right now. I do not want to have to redo the start of this chapter again.


Up Next: Chapter 4: Crumbling Sanity.


How much do you hate yourself? Holy shit

Chapter 4: Crumbling Sanity.

Lycian Army: three kids, an old man, and a merchant. With the only one fighting back being a 16 year old.
Laus Army: Sixteen trained soldiers.

This is going to be great.

No shit. If not, I’d just have let Chad die last chapter.

So, Clarine cutscene happens.

I sure do. If she joins Roy’s army she’s dead.

I can work with this.

No, Clarine, don’t do it. You can still live. Just ride away. Ignore Roy. Please.


Merlinus is trying to save your life, Clarine. Listen to the man. Oh well, enemies won’t attack her this chapter really anyways.

More def and res please.


After dealing with just… ugh, another swarm of enemies. It was so tough I literally skipped over it here. It was Roy against 11 cavs and nomads, plus a fuckload of pirates. He had barely any weapons to use. It was true hell. I regret not buying anything earlier with every fiber of my being.

I bought a slim sword, a fuckload of iron swords, and a few vulneraries. Should be enou-- ah fuck it. I’ll buy a TON of iron sword and vulneraries.

Final unpromoted level up. More luck, great.


I’m scared.

Next Up: Chapter 5: How am I going to do this.

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I wish you luck with Roy the “He’s made of paper” boy.


I do too.

Chapter 5: How am I going to do this.

How the fuck am I going to do the rest of this game with a Roy like that? I don’t know, but I guess I’m going to find out.

Here we are. Chad is still alive somehow. I’ll be using Clarine if I really need her. Which I will. This chapter should be easy, though.


I quickly dealt with a few axe users at the start, then moved my units up. Hopefully nothing too bad will happen.

Roy crit again. Pretty glad I got this Slim sword now.

Somehow took care of another swam of enemies. This time using Chad and Clarine as their other purposes: Distractions. Merlinus retreated, though. Onward we go!

Roy pretty much took care of everything fairly easy now. Once the huge swarm of enemies is out the way, I can just start taking my time with the chapter.

Our first magic enemy. Not sure how Roy’s going to handle multiple mages. Just imagine fighting a swarm. That sounds nightmarish.

I have Roy lure them out, then quickly dispatch of the mage. The other two go down just as fast. They can’t even touch him.

Now the real battle begins.

Or not, lol. This chapter was rather boring and easy.

Up next: Chapter 6: Using swords only sucks.

Chapter 6: Using swords only sucks.

Fucking finally.

After doing some setup, let’s begin…

Okay, I have some ideas on how I can approach this. My first being to just get Roy into one of the rooms. My only real worry will then be Cath. Ugh.

I’ll start by having Roy go right… hopefully he’ll be able to take care of those guys fast. Saul and Dorothy will by us at least an extra turn.

Holy shit, I made it.

Here comes my misfortune.

Please stay there.


Dear god. Oh, wait, that’s just money.

Rip, Sue.

Not gonna lie. This is great for me.

What isn’t great is this.

Oh, nevermind.

And then she leaves. Damn. Probably won’t get Cath this run. Oh well.

So, after a few turns, I managed to clear out the swarm.

Wish every chapter was this easy. That upper room better be worth it.

Yeah, because Roy obviously needed more luck. This game has something against me.

Okay, then. I guess these guys don’t move after all.

Oh, nevermind. The top two do, I guess. Forgot about some guys on the left, too.

lol, nice try.

As for this… uhhh. Fuck it, let’s go.

Clarine is a great distraction. She the knights kept missing her.


Thank you.

Up Next: Chapter 7: More people die.

Chapter 7: More people die.

I’m not gonna lie here. This chapter’s gonna suck. I decided to not pull out Clarine and Chad. It’d be just impossible for them to survive. My only option here is to go to the forests and hope for the best.

These two are fucked.

He is also fucked.

This shit is basically how it went. I’d be at one forest then move to one of the other two and take them out one at a time. So, after clearing them out. I went up and some enemies spawned. I then lured them back down to where I was. Oh, by the way, Merlinus died earlier, but I don’t even care anymore. You also get a killing edge and an elixir this chapter in a village. They saved Roy’s life.

They’ll fall quickly.

Now the long way back.

Now, for our real test of might.

You bet your fucking ass I did. You’re next.


Hit rate is op.

Next Up: Chapter 8: Meat Shield Emblem

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It’s almost like a preview for Roy in FE Warriors.
Except he’s not mowing hordes of enemies down as much as he’s hoping they don’t mow him.

Chapter 8: Meat Shield Emblem.

So, let’s just jump right in. Before we start the chapter, the beginning cutscene is just hilarious with the context.

I mean, at this point everyone would know it’s basically just Roy now. This is fucking hilarious.


Anyways, let’s begin. I think this chapter should be fairly easy. The map is huge and Roy gets some allies down the lie. Just gotta keep my eye on Cath. Saving Lilina’s impossible.

Just gonna have Roy take care of the three front dudes, but damn look at the swarm coming.


Oh shit, more meatshields.

Er… right, about that…

Well, it’s not like she has to know, right?

Oh, nevermind.

I’m so sorry, Wendy. T_T

Fuck me.

Two of them is even worse. T_T

Rest in piece, Lilina. You’re literally my favorite FE6 character.

So, as we make our way. Roy deals with the swarm rest in piece Wendy, Ogier, Barth, and Chad. Yes, Chad finally died. Oh, here’s how the swarm looked btw.

Yeah, there were a lot more mercs and soldiers earlier. It was crazy.

Now we can finally get to beating the chapter.

Took care of two mages and a knight. The last four will be easy.

Pass by Lilina’s lifeless body

lol, what a lucky boy why was luck all he got wtf

Damn, this is gonna be so hard. Not sure how I’ll be able to do it guys, wew.


Also, used the secret book you get here.


Oh shit.

Oh, nevermind. I’ve literally dealt with worse. Come at me.

Well, yeah.

Yeah, those forests are op, Narcian. You don’t stand a chance.

Weird how I named this chapter Meatshield Emblem when all three of the new meatshields died offscreen almost immediately. :U

Next up: Chapter 9: Even lower enemy hit rate.

Chapter 9: Even lower enemy hit rate.

Let’s just jump right into this one. I feel like this chapter will be easy too, since almost all the enemies use axes.

He’ll be fine. ; )

She will not be fine. Rest in piece, Fir. T_T

I’m a horrible person.

Oh boy, here they come.

Honestly? Wish me fucking luck here, man.


THank goodness


I’m sorry T_T

I regret literally everything.

Thank god I’m not going Sacae route now. Roy literally killed these two himself.

Well now. Guess I had no option to begin with.


See? The chapter name wasn’t lying.

Bam. Swarm is done. Now I can just take my time here.

I wanna go over and sell some of the items I can’t use finally then just kill the boss. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Lured the two archers over and killed an axe user and mage who randomly came by. One last axe guy is left that I can see. He’s ded af, man.

More? They will fall. No survivors.

Finished shopping. Got a fuckload of swords and vulneraries. Should be fine for a while.

Cleared out a few more dudes fast. Now it’s boss time.

Oh boy. This one’s gonna be tough guys. Roy may die. O:


I… uh… what?
HOly shit what? This isn’t a crit, but he got a hit in??? What the fuck. Where did the easy boss kills go?

Thank fucking god, Roy.

Shit’s getting real, guys.

Up Next: Chapter 10: I wish Roy had more res.

Chapter 10: I wish Roy had more res.

Chapter 10

Holy shit. Not gonna lie. I didn’t think I’d be able to get this far.

Anyways, starting off. The enemies don’t look like they’ll be too much of an issue.

Only like six sword dudes. No problem, right? inb4 Roy dies

Let’s-a go.

I love axeland.

Looks like this guy is part of the swarm. Oh boy.

Hopefully we can finish things up quick.

Luck boy strikes again.

Meanwhile, in the nearby village.

Geese: I must join them.
Lady: What?
Geese: I mean, I must join Roy’s army.

Even more guys. fuck

Fml, I like Gonzales. I honestly forgot what was in the village… Dunno if I should be concerned, honestly.


I tried.

Then he came over to me. Rest in piece, man.

Started moving down. Swarm is gone except a few we retreated.

Lured out a berserker and merc. Pretty easy from here… well except for this, probably.


Round 1:

thank you

Round 2:


Round 3


Round 4:

I’m pretty sure by this point he isn’t hitting me.

Round 5:

I almost feel sorry for this guy.

Not sorry enough, though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The fuck are these guys doing??? They’re literally just standing there doing nothing.

Well, whatever. They ded now. Just these last two guys.


Now for the real test.

lol, okay.


…tbh, at this rate. Lalum will be the only girl Roy gets. Since she’ll be the only person alive he can marry. Unless she dies in the next chapter somehow. Please leave them be, Merlinus.

Up Next: Chapter 11: I wish I had range.


If it’s any consolation, half of the bullshit that 11A holds for the player involves micromanaging the shit out of the recruits and reinforcements, so not having to care about all of that mess has to at least take some of the burden off of your shoulders.

Which is good, because 11A HM Roy only… wow, godspeed, soldier.


I’m mostly worried about the villages. I remember there being some stat boosts in 11A. Ugh.