FE6 Hard Mode Durandal Juno Edition

I give Juno Durandal, that’s the entire goal. I said I would on my Twitters, and man, I absolutely will. I’m a mega casual so I’ll be doing resets, but I’ll be sure to screenshot any and all interesting events that take place as a result.

I’ve never done anything like this, but I’ll be doing either a screenshot let’s play, a recorded LP, whatevs with commentary. Whatever you think will be best, I’ll be putting a poll down below which you prefer.

  • Livestreaming
  • Recording
  • Screenshots w/ text commentary

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In any case, I’ll be doing one chapter at a time, probably rigging some random numbers, using other extremely questionable sets for funny memes, etc. If you have any suggestions for what I could do, leave them below, I’ll probably try to do them, but some things aren’t possible, so don’t ask me to try to cap Barth’s res naturally. Additionally, be sure to vote, as it will determine the format I do. I will likely attach a series of screenshots with highlights from livestreaming and recording if those win, but it won’t be as detailed.

In any case, let the fun begin!

I will be starting my run on August 22nd, because August 21st is my birthday.



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man the results are surprisingly really even… y’all are making it hard to choose.

Damn, evenly split on livestream and recording getting the same number of votes and text commentary winning out.

I actually don’t want to do just text commentary, but since it won I’ll give it my all. I’ll spend today considering livestream vs recording. I’ll be the next Ghast xd.

Not cancelled just forgotten. I’ll probably start this up sometime this week? I owe it to… somebody (idk lol) to finish this. Let’s say… ah… Thursday the 27th? Will edit this post with a time.

I think I’ll livestream but I’ll take snippets and put it into screenshots with text commentary on this thread.

Apparently I’m doing this on hard mode, which I’ve actually never played before. I actually haven’t even played Fire Emblem at all in a long time. Should be fun.

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I support Juno supremacy


Completely vanilla gaem.