[Fe6] Fire Emblem 6 - Infernal (Rebalance/ Difficulty hack; Looking for Beta Testers)

Hi! First time posting here and I am a little nervous. Anyways, I made this hack and I’m looking for beta testers/ feedback for those interested. It is another Fe6 rebalance/ enhance difficulty attempt but I’m hoping you can here me out. Here’s the synopsis.

This is a rebalance/ difficulty hack of Fire Emblem 6. This hack aims to give quality of life improvements that modernizes Fire Emblem 6 from a gameplay perspective. My goal is to ensure challenging yet interactive gameplay that doesn’t involve any cheese or BS tactics whatsoever. All while giving the player a more valid character roster and an improved weapon system compared to the vanilla version. Nonetheless, I still do my best to keep the gameplay’s core as close to the original as possible. I wanted to ensure this hack still felt like the vanilla Fire Emblem 6 that we grew to love. This game was built using the Fire Emblem 6 engine to capture that essence. Anyways, highlighted features in this hack include…

Various character buffs, every character feels combat competent in their own unique way

Weapon adjustments (a more balance weapon system/ Example, Axes are slightly better)

Class balancing/ adjustments (Example, Archers/ Knights have better stats, Snipers now have +30 Crit)

The Weapon Triangle System has been improved

Your choice of either Fixed or Random Growths

No Ambush Spawns

Challenging/ engaging gameplay comparable to Fire Emblem Conquest IMO

Access to Enemy Exclusive Weapons like Spears, Tomahawks, and the Runesword

Inclusion of more Magic Tomes (Example, Arcthunder which has 1-3 range)

Master Seals and only Master Seals, it has replaced every single promotion item in the game

Thieves can now Promote into Assassins

Earlier Promotion for Roy

Gale is now Recruitable

And much more!

All of the changes can be found within the patch notes. I spent some time on this hack and I loved how the gameplay turned out. It’s tough but compelling. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Now, onto the changes.

  • General Changes -

This hack has unlimited trading.

Weapon Triangle Advantage/ Disadvantage is now +/- 15 Hit & Avoid instead of +/-10.

The bug that doubles Enemy Hard Modes Bonuses for Chapters 1-5 has been removed.

Recruitable Characters that received Hard Mode Bonuses no longer receive them. Their stats are the same on both Normal and Hard. Their stats will be closer to their vanilla Hard Mode bases.

It takes a shorter amount of time to build supports (50 for C, 100 for B, and 150 for A). Most Characters’ starting points for Supports are higher as well. The maximum limit of support conversations still remains 5.

Revamp Affinity Chart (Most of the affinities give new bonuses. See what the new bonuses are under Character Changes).

Standard Armory Shop is in the preparation menu on Hard Mode with normal prices.

You can find what the New Character growth rates and bases are under Character Changes.

Explanation of Fixed Growths

  • Every character starts with an arbitrary number of 50 in each stat at level 1. Every level up, you add said character’s personal growths to that number in each stat. When an individual stat reaches 100, said character will receive a point in said stat and it goes back to 0. Leftover points will go towards the next 100. Characters beyond level 1 add 50 plus the personal growths of how many levels that character has gained since level 1.

  • For example, Dieck is Level 5 with a personal speed growth of 30. Thus, he has gained 4 levels. Multiply 30 (speed growth) by 4 (levels) and you get 120. Add 50 (starting arbitrary number) and you get 170. Therefore, Dieck has 70 points in speed already at level 5. At level 6, he’ll gain 30 which will put him at 100, thus, he will gain a point in speed. This is true for every character beyond level 1 in every stat.

  • Promoted units automatically gain 19 levels of growth points in their calcs plus the 50 arbitrary points. Units that you promote before level 20 get 19 levels plus the 50 arbitrary points regardless.

  • Maximum level is still 20. However, all characters in every stat will reach the point values rounded up. For example, Dieck in 19 levels, will gain 5.7 points of speed. However, in fixed mode this will be rounded, so it is actually 6. This is true for all point values that round up. For both base and promoted units.

  • Note that for certain stat values, specifically growth rate values between 30 -50, will round up because of the nature of how the mode works. This means you might reach your average 1 level sooner than normal. This is to ensure these values meet their intended stat outcomes. Therefore, do not be alarmed when this happens. Ultimately, fixed mode guarantees that you gain 20 levels worth of stats in 19 levels.

  • Difficulty Changes -

This hack consists of 7 ways that increase the difficulty.

  1. Increase enemy stats.
  2. Lethal player phase reinforcements.
  3. Slightly improve enemy weaponry.
  4. Competent enemy positioning.
  5. Smarter/ more aggressive UI.
  6. Increased number of promoted enemies starting around mid-game.
  7. Slightly altered Map design for various chapters which induces strategic planning.

The only Chapter that has Ambush Spawns is Ch 21 because of the nature of how it is design, which has been unchanged from the original game (triggered by entering specific zones in the map). Use a guide to give you specific details about the reinforcements so that you do not get blindsided for those unsure. Furthermore, you’ll need a guide to know how and when Gale appears in order to recruit him.

Also, be sure to read pre-battle dialogue for small hints during FoW and Gaiden Maps. You’ll need it!

You can find specific changes for Chapters under Chapter Changes. However, I highly discourage looking at it for your first playthrough. Playing blind will make for a more authentic and enjoyable experience.

  • Class Changes -

Paladins can no longer use Axes.

Wyvern Lords now use Axes over Swords.

Mounted Units received an Aid Buff. (Male 30, Female 28)

Monks have replaced Priests. (Male)

Assassins have Thief utility and 7 movement.

Promoted units start with C/ D rank.

Specialized promoted units start with B Rank.

Male Bishops start with C Rank Staves.

Female Bishops start with B Rank Staves.

Class bases and caps have been changed, check under class changes for more details.

Again, if you’re interested in play testing my hack, DM me in the feuniverse discord. My name in the Discord is also Sei.

Character Changes (Google Sheets)

Class Changes (Google Sheets)

Weapon Changes (Google Docs)

Credits: Feuniverse Discord, Folks from Febuilder help page, specifically UltraxBlade, Vesly, and 7743 for helping me through my issues. TheBlindArcher for the Wyvern Axe Animation.


This is just evil

I believe the phrasing is just faulty as the hack author specified no ambush spawns

Yea, as Yasako said, wasn’t the best description, my bad. it’s still player phase reinforcements, which gives you the turn to act. It’s just in the manner they arrived does put significant pressure on the player. It’s the same way Conquest or Engage handles reinforcements if that helps.