[FE6] FE7 to FE6 Character Swap Hack

Download & Changelog

Patch on a JP rom. Character swaps are based on recruitment order.

Hi all!

As a newcomer to FE Hacking, I wanted to create a little project for myself in order to familiarize myself with FEBuilder. I had a simple idea of “Can I replace every playable unit in FE6 with a character from FE7”, and after 2 months worth of work, I now present the FE6/7 character swap hack!
Fire Emblem - Fuuin no Tsurugi (Japan)_02|480x320, 1000%

Extra Screenshots

Extra Changes
  • Hard mode is available from the start!
  • Classes for Lord (Hector), Great Lord, Lord (Lyn), Blade Lord, Monk & Archsage have been added. Hector uses the Knight Crest to promote while Lyn uses the Orion’s Bolt.
  • The Ch11A turn 8 reinforcements have been changed to Monks to give Echidna’s replacement better survivability. Rath is also given a few extra lines dialogue pertaining to this.
  • The Devil axe has been moved to a village in Chapter 11A&B, while the contents of those villages have been moved to Geese & Gonzalez’s replacement’s inventory.
Extra Errors
  • Probably something that I’m forgetting, I doubt the patch is that perfect :confounded:

Big shoutout to Gringe’s FE6 translation, the translation used for this hack.

Best of luck to anyone who downloads. This is the first thing I’ve ever done with this kind of nature, so I can’t promise the patch is fool-proof, but hopefully all runs well and you enjoy :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Updated to fix the Ninian and Nils animation!


I’m gonna give this a try. I find interesting that you replaced the characters based on their order of apparition in FE7. Can’t wait to (not) kill Lloyd so I can get to Chapter 17x

Edit: Eliwood’s father, Eliwood.

Eliwood/Canas new OTP…???

Anyways, this is neat! I like how you’ve worked in a few friendly NPCs to make up the difference between FE7 and FE6’s recruitable party sizes.

I can’t decide whether or not to recommend replacing older!Eliwood with Elbert… on the one hand, it’s the logical thing to do there with the character replacement scheme. On the other hand, Eliwood and his father Eliwood but from twenty years in the future is very funny

Congrats on your first release!


I thought doing it by recruitment order would be much more interesting than trying to match characters based on strengths. Making simple changes like replacing Shanna with Florina just made it feel too much like a reskin.


I understand, and I think that’s good reasoning! It changes up the experience more when there are tangible modifications to what classes and such you have available as of which parts of the game, as opposed to just replacing each character with whichever FE7 character is most similar to them.


Thank you <3 <3.

Honestly that was the original plan to use Elbert in place of Old Eliwood, but then as ai was editing dialogue, I just thought it would be funnier to leave it the same :sweat_smile:


May I ask one question ~ you replace llyod is boss in fe6? It is mean I must kill him ?

Nope, Lloyd (and Linus) is recruitable! FE6 has nine more characters than FE7, so I needed to pull two FE7 bosses in order to replace every FE6 character, and Lloyd and Linus made the most sense.

I also had the idea where I used Hellene and FE7 Murdock instead of Lloyd and Linus, but I ended up talking myself out of it (for reasons I forget :sweat:)

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you are great :> thank so much :> because if Lloyd is enemy must to kill, i will not play :<


Lloyd replaces Douglas. So you need to keep him alive in Chapter 17 so he can join in Chapter 17x.

If you are using FEBuilder, open the animation editor and remove commands 3A for Ninian and 3B for Nils.

Tysm!!! Edited to fix!

story same right?

Yep. There’s small dialogue changes like Canas (he replaces Lilina) being called son of Hector instead of daughter

Leila softlocks the game if animations are on. It only happens when she is about to attack.

Ty for catching that, should be fixed now!

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Does Lyn get her prf weapons?

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Didn’t end up adding them sorry :frowning:


Hannah becomes basically unusable after her flux breaks, so if you can I’d recommend adding flux to one of the earlier shops. Since otherwise have to wait till after chapter 12 to get to a shop with flux

ah wait only realized how old this thread was