[FE6] FE6 - Dual Lords [Full Release]

Alrighty. This and Project Sienna are some of my favorite Binding Blade romhacks. Can’t wait for the update. Gonna be playing Marth’s DS games and that Paper Mario TTYD remake til it comes out! Keep up the good work!

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The mad lad is cookin. Looking forward to launch.

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Is the difficulty the same? Buffing all the characters would make the game easier no? Do units still get hard mode bonuses? Thanks for your hard work on this! Looking forward to trying it out.

Frankly, yes it is easier. If I were to pitch this I would say it is a more chill way to play fe6. Alot of annoyances removed and everyone has good stats.

Ah I see. Is there any chance you could make a hard mode or something? I’m not a big fan of easy fire emblem modes. I always start with hard when playing them lol and tbh I have never finished fe6 and was thinking about finally going through the full game. If not that’s okay, I still commend you on such an original idea and implementation.

Honestly, I currently have no intentions of a hard mode. I do not think it is that much easier than vanilla, but I respect your decision. Thanks for giving my mod a look!

Just downloaded the new patch. Quick question, @Yerek Are supports faster in this? If not it’s fine, I just don’t remember seeing it in the OP post unless i’m blind

Yes they are. I honestly forgot to add it to the post, but that is now fixed. Supports grow faster, and the bonuses were normalized to better allow doing whatever supoorts you want.


What do you mean by normalizing the supports?

The stat bonuses when the supporting units are within 3 tiles of each other.

Ahh like in modern FE where supports grow within three tiles instead of one I’m assuming

No, sorry for the confusion. In GBA fire emblem units that have the units they supported with within 3 tiles get stat bonuses based on the other units affinity (the fire icon in roy’s stat page, or the light icon on lilina’s). Some of these bonuses were insane while some were underwhelming. They were normalized to be the same regardless of the units affinity type.