FE6 english Editors possible?

I am working with FEBuilder and the 1.0 gringe translationpatch for FE6 and there are a lot of less important teststrings and a bit of classrole related text that FEBuilder cannot edit and that have to be changed in a hexeditor(Example:linkarena in screenshot). I wanted to ask if someone can make an extra editor for those bits of text to make it easier to edit those areas. I am personally horrible at repointing even tho GBA is the easiest game to do it in(And it is tiresome to do stuff in hexeditor) and I am sure it would be useful for future hacks of the game too(Almost no one hacks the game except me,but still)

It is possible.
I think there are multiple versions of the translation made by the fans.

Tbl is required to display characters.
If you are using a popular version, tbl is automatically applied.

If not, you will have to adapt tbl yourself.
Function3 Tab
Language -> Text Enconding in ROM
Select “en_TBL(English)”

The question is whether this tbl fits your ROM.
The translator sets which text is assigned to which alphabetic symbol.
Your translation ROM may differ from the general assignment.

The following versions are known by FEBuilderGBA.
FEVersion:FE6 @ROMSize: 16777216 @CRC32: 35F5B06B

The problem is the inability to edit certain things as they are not included in any menu,not that the things do not get translated correctly. For reference,I am already using the FEBuilder functions because I could not find any other hexeditor that is easy to use and has Tbl support.(only exception is the animated classtext in classrole because the gringe team just completely changed how that works)

In FE6 and FE7, the network arena seems to be composed of SJIS character strings.
I think that FE8 refers to the text ID, but FE7 and FE6 are different.
I will investigate later.

Added support for network arena strings.
Update FEBuilderGBA and select “Other Text” from the detail menu.

Editing the string will be reflected correctly in the game.


Not quite everything,but good enough for now. Thanks

Are there any strings that are not yet listed?
If you know anything, please let me know.

A lot of yes/no-strings,the convoytext,difficultyselection,classroll-stattext,the actual strings for weapontypes(except staff) that are used for the description,the “do you want to play this map?” for trialmaps,etc. I could not find everything right now,but some of those are in the range of 0x817191 to 0x817B3B in the hexeditor in the 1.0 gringepatch alongside some already supported strings like the recently added linkarena strings.

essencially, I did not know that the non-support of these strings was not already known, so I never reported it.

I added the found text data to “Other Text”.

Please update.
Now you can see all the strings.
Let me know if there is something that isn’t on the list yet.

I have tested everything and the “NONE” string does not seem to be the one used in Link Arena and the textstrings for the “Units” list accessed through the Mapmenu are still missing, even the ones that have similar counterparts already supported like the “NONE”.

Also, the “Discard”-string for the convoy is glitched when automaticly repointed as it is a text that seems to rely on multiple pointers. Not sure how much can be done for support on that tho, since it might just be a case of code acting slightly diffrently between versions, like how classroll is diffrent in english Translation patch than in JP and how the patch also broke the “OP Class Reel English”-editor.

FE6J shares one “NONE”.
However, fan translation seems to define “NONE” individually.
I updated FEBuilderGBA, so please update.

I’m not sure about the “Discard” problem.
Multiple references should be updated automatically.
It may be something special.

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Can’t say that, as i had no problems while working on it. I did it in a different editor than FEBuilder, but I also has auto-repointing.
Yeah, the Class Reel ist changed from using pictures to a text engine. It very easy do edit though. Even adding new letters is no problem. The font is at 0x356370. The text is stored in pointers, which point to the position of the letter inside the graphic.
for example if you take the u and go to 0x6900280 you get 01 00 00 83 00 80 1C 05 as the string for the u. The 1C 05 determines the letter. Change them to 1E 05 and you get the v displayed instead of a u. You can also add letters to the graphic. Just post 01 00 00 83 00 80 88 05 after the last string and add the graphic behind the z.

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Weird stuff. What editor did you use? I assume it saw the textstring as a whole and not multiple strings with diffrent pointers and updated all references and code accordingly and that is why it did not break it unlike the repoint in FEBuilder,but that is only a theory. Could easily be wrong.

For the menus SNES-Edit (don’t be fooled by the name, it can edit any rom). For the Class Reel Font I looked for the pointer and searched through the code, what pointers are near to it. For the editing itself I used a simple hexeditor and notepad for notes.