FE6 Demonstone fix?

Does anyone know why this happens when you give Idunn her personal weapon?
I have already seen people fight her while she uses it and it worked fine then.
I know it has something to do with the game calling some hidden ASM stuff or something like that because that is her programmed battleanimation, but how can I change it so that her Dark Breath-animation is used for both weapons?(Since I want her to spawn with the stone in hardmode,but the breath in normal)

Still no answer. Well, that kinda sucks I guess, gotta leave Idunn with her breath then.

What the battle animation pointer say?

The animationlist for the demondragon-class only specifies the untransformed animation for the manakes and she also transforms like them no issue if one gives her the other two dragonstones.

It has to be some weird hardcoded thing with the dark breath like what FE7 and FE8 do for their finalbosses, but I seriously cannot figure out what it is and how to apply it to more weapons.