[FE6] Changing the Convoy Character

I couldn’t find a tutorial for this anywhere, so I figured I’d ask here. How does one go about changing which character has the Convoy, specifically in FE6, if it’s possible?

I’d like to change it to Roy, so I took the “Supply” attribute off the Transporter class and turned it on for the Lord and Master/Great Lord classes. This made it so Roy can access the Convoy any time, which is a start, but for other characters to access the Convoy mid-battle, they still have to stand next to Merlinus. This is even the case if I change Merlinus’s class, so it must be some aspect of Merlinus himself that causes the game to recognize him as the Convoy unit.

Is it possible to change this to Roy?

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Of course it’s possible, if the game can do it so can you, but you will most likely have to learn assembly if you want to do this yourself. (Unless someone has done it in the past/is willing to do it for you)


Do you want to adapt the transport team to Roy like FE8?

Please change this value.


0x42 is the UnitID of Merlinus.
0x01 is the UnitID of Roy.

Whether or not to activate the menu is determined by ASM of “Possibility Diagnostic Routine Pointer” of the menu item.
Return value r0 of this value is valid if it is 1, invalid if it is 0.

The value of “Possibility Diagnostic Routine Pointer” of Storage of FE6 is 0x080201C5.
You should check this asm function.

Looking at the disassembler of this function, there was a magical value of “mov r0, 0x42”.
“mov r0, 0x42” is an instruction to set the value “0x42” to the register named “r0”.
0x42 is the UnitID of Merlinus.

After that, it is only necessary to rewrite this.
After rewriting, when starting the game, it worked well.

If it does not work properly, set a breakpoint in the vicinity of rewritten with no$gba debugger.
Please see the difference between your recognition and the code actually being executed.

asm is a very simple language. (Without classes,Without extends ,Without lambda , Basically there is nothing.)
The only thing that asm can do is to execute instructions and rewrite registers and memory.

If you can read FE’s event script, or music score,or cooking recipe,
You can understand asm.

(What is more difficult than asm is the structure of FE itself.)


Looks like it worked out! Thanks for the help! Very informative post.

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