Fe6 battle music patch

I’m trying to hack fe6 but I’ve come up with a problem:
I want o be able to change which music plays during combat by chapter
EX: In chapter 1 I want Music A to play when an ally attacks and music B when an enemy attacks
But in chapter 2 I want music C to play when an Ally attacks and music D when an enemy attacks
From what I know, I think this has already been done for fe8 so maybe it could be adapted to work with fe6.
What I’m asking is if somebody could adapt this patch for me (If it exists) or if someone could point me to a tutorial of how I could make this patch myself

(I’m using 7743’s febuilder and I’ve already made some progress on my hack if that matters)

I would have suggested “Unique Battle Music Per Unit” in the patches section of FEBuilder, but when l gave it a shot myself, it kept randomly playing the final boss music instead of what I chose or even the default battle music. So, I’m not so sure that’ll work for you, but maybe you can try it anyway and I’m just unlucky.

Yeah I tried that, same thing happened to me