[FE6] Adding playable Guinivere in the main story of FE6 [Feedback needed]

Hello everyone !
This my first post on feuniverse so if this violate any rule thank you in advance so I can fix it

So I recently started using FEbuilderGBA as mean of producing bad shitpost. I then become very impress with robustest and possibility of the software, and I started wishing for actually using it for something more serious. However, I wanted to start on something quite small since I have zero experience in romhacking or in game design in general

Such was born my very humble project : adding Guinivere to FE6 main game. After finishing the game I was disapointed that Guinivere(wich is one my fav char in the cast) wasn’t playable at all in the base game, and so decided to add her in the base game.
She has a base stat of 26hp/17mag/11skl/14spd/9luck/6def/15res and join as a level 7 sage with C in anima, A in light, and B in staff at the start of chapter 16

I have no idea if this even fit the site since it such a small project, but here it is anyway. I already coded and wrote her introduction in chapter 16, and now I just have to have to write her support(I choose Melady, Elen, Zeiss, Cecila and Kleint since they have a link throught queen Hellene), her ending card. and some boss dialogue.

I was also thinking about making her being able to use Eckesachs but I’m not sure if this would be too much, so what do you think about that possibility?

Again, apologise in advance if this too small, and thanks for any input.

I also have one last question : I use an rom patched with 1.13 version of the english translation for my hack, since it is the one us to play the game. Is it considered a bad pratice ?


Pretty cool. I thought it was weird that Guinivere wasn’t a playable instory (she was a secret character that required you to finish the game 6 times or something), despite how much of an importance she has on the entire plot. Honestly, it was weird that she was pretty muched Thano snapped for the majority of the story too. Heck, she would have been a perfect support ending for Roy (made more sense than Sophia, honestly). It really is a shame cause she was cool and cute.

Also, I mean if you’re writing an entire plot and extra stories I would say that’s a good enough size of a project. I seen smaller where some romhacks just be changing sprites so I don’t think it’s a big deal. Go for it and have fun is what I say. Heck, maybe you’ll even find that you’ll make entire changes or a whole different game. It happens, lmao.

For the Eckesachs, you’ll probably have to make a whole new animation for her. Unless it’s used as a staff? Either way, sounds fun so good luck.

Not sure what you mean by “bad practice” unless you mean pirating, but unfortunately there isn’t a “proper” way to play FE6 in english in most cases. The only problem I see from the ENG patch is some of the names are changed , although they are mostly funny to me than bad (Pent’s house being Wriggly is my favorite).

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A simple, small hack and a great way to introduce yourself to the framework. Good job.

It’s bad practice in the sense that other people would have to use the same translation as you did, if they want to play it. Which is why it’s recommended to use vanilla FE6, the japanese version.

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My main aim here is to add a convo to justify her “recruitment” and the mandatory 5 support. I may add a few voice line here and there but I doubt it

The animation isn’t my main concern (I’m gonna reuse the staff part of the crit anim) but the implementation of the weapon. Since Guinivere use a sage classe i need to add a pseudo-Eckesachs that act as the magic, and wich mean using the magic extension for the new animation

I was mostly asking if building a patch on top of an already patch was “acceptable”. Since there no official way to play fe6 in english, the vast majority of player will use a patched rom with the translation, so I’m making my hack on that already patched rom.

Anyway thx a lot for the answer !

I figured as such, but I’m not sure how to make a working .ups patch from the japanese version that would also work with a translation pach, since I assume the vast majority of player (and myself) use an english fan traduction
Thank your for the information anyway

You don’t want to anyway since I believe the Japanese version uses different text codes and whatnot and you’ll need japanese itself keyboard to type, plus you’ll have to write it in Japanese. Also you would have to translate the entire game yourself if “bad practice” is that big of a concern.

There seems to be a misunderstanding from both of you. You don’t have to work with the japanese ROM at all, all you have to do is select it as base when making your patch, instead of your translated version.

That what I did, but my issue with is that it add the english translation to the patch at the same time. I don’t want to take credit for it so I’m not sure how to proceed.

You can just credit the translation patch you used. Really, as long as you don’t claim you translated it yourself, it’s fine. You can check FE6 romhacks for reference to see what they say about the translation, if anything at all.

Shes playable in the Fire Ember 6 hack right? Still pretty cool idea and a great way to get your feet wet

Update Post :

The technicall side is more or less finished. She joins as unit in chapter 14 (adding her without being very janky in chapter 13 would require a deep dive into FE6 code I’m not capable of and way beyond the scope of the mod)

However, I’m not very sure about the balance, so I am asking for feedback regarding the balance. I’ve no probleme with her being strong, but I wouldn’t want her to be gamebreaking strong (not that FE6 is particulary well balanced game)

I ended up with her starting as level 2 sage with :
26 hp 17 magic 12 skill 16 speed 6 def 15 res 9 luck
and C anima, A in light magic and C in staff

I also plan to have her support Melady, Zeiss, Elen and Klein. If anyone has an proposition for a more out of the left field pick, I’m listening.