[FE6/7/8] Weapon Rank Bonus Hack

Well this pretty much means that I don’t have to pull out absurdly high bonuses anymore to compensate for the lack of WTA.
Splendid job, Venno!

Something I need to tell y’all: the FE7 version of this hack was entirely broken, as it branched to the hack from an incorrect offset (0x2898C instead of 0x28E8C).

Because of this, if you’ve reinstalled the hack previously, you’ll need to reinstall and replace the first eight bytes at 0x2898C with the bytes from a vanilla FE7 ROM. Sorry for the huge mistake guys!

Hmh, I’ve noticed that the bonuses don’t apply to enemies. Is it possible to make so that enemies get the weapon rank bonuses as well?

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The bonus applies to enemies on my end, just tested it. Are you sure it isn’t working for you?

Oh wow, you’re right. Derp.
My fault, I just… did something wrong without noticing.

P.S. Speaking of which, I might have read something about weapon rank bonuses for Staves, but I can’t find it anymore… Was I daydreaming or did such a thing happen for real in the past months?

This is probably what you’re referring to; it gives Staff rank bonuses to healing staves.

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First off, thank you for this and all the work in your other topic. Tons of useful stuff.

If I may be so rude as to ask for something more, would it be possible to give bonuses to AS using this? Or reducing WT, I suppose. I’m not sure which would be easier, and the end result would be the same.

My plan was to use it for magic and possibly bows, since it makes sense that the more proficient you are, the faster you can cast/shoot.

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AS bonuses (and bonuses to avoid, crit evade, and other defensive stats) applied during the -rank checks don’t appear to apply consistently during battle, unfortunately. It would be possible to make the AS/avoid calculations include a weapon rank check but that would have to be a separate hack.

Wait, avoid and crit avoid too?
So we can’t make a rank bonus that gives +5 Avo, for example?
And what about Def?

Ah, that is unfortunate. On the bright side, it’s another reason for me to kick myself in the arse and start learning how to do these things.

Thank you for the response!

yes they do? I know because I’m fucking with it for Alfred

maybe its some weird caveat thing or you’re doing it wrong

To be more specific - they only apply when the unit with the rank bonus is capable of attacking in that combat. If they’re attacked from a range that they can’t counter from, no weapon rank bonuses are applied:

Giving Swords a large bonus to AS and defence, when attacking at 1-range Canas does much less damage and cannot double.


^That opens up a lot of strategic/rage possibilities.

I agree with @Klokinator. I think it actually sounds pretty interesting, especially if you’re fiddling around with range a lot in your weapon variety.

If it’s no trouble, could you share how you inserted those bonuses?

i assume he used the same hack that this topic is for

Alright, the download now includes a version that lets you specify which stats get boosted - including the full range of Atk,Def,Avo,Cev,AS, etc.


at 0x2AD5A, if you change 0x48 to 0x4A; the bonuses will apply even if the unit can’t counterattack

Just something I found while doing stuff that people may find helpful


Nice, I’ll put that in the readme.

for FE8 at least, I’m sure the same will work with the appropriate FE7 address

I just remembered that I never bothered to find the equivalent FE7 address (it’s 0x28E7E), so that’s in the readme too now.

I also cleaned up the code quite a bit; it’s now much shorter and understandable than it used to be.