[FE6/7/8] Weapon Rank Bonus Hack

This hack allows you to give different weapon rank bonuses for the seven weapon types, and further divides those bonuses into separate bonuses for S-,A-,B- and C-rank, using Event Assembler buildfiles.

By default, no bonuses are assigned; you can set your own bonuses by configuring either the included Nightmare module or the .event file to match the offset of the bonus data table. Finally, if you have Weapon Triangle Disadvantage against your opponent, your weapon rank bonuses will be negated in addition to the normal WTD penalties.

Complete installation directions are included with the download, but if you have any questions about installing feel free to ask.

Here’s the link. Enjoy!

Old version



-I don’t know!

Venno, the download link is broken.
Also, for total noobs like me who didn’t know what the bonuses in FE12 were, here’s some ref:

[quote]Weapon rank bonus effects
Weapon Type: C Rank | B Rank | A Rank
Sword | Might +1 | Might +2 | Might +3
Lance | Might +1 | Might +1, Accuracy +5 | Might +2, Accuracy +5
Axe | Accuracy +5 | Accuracy +10 | Accuracy +15
Bow | Might +1 | Might +1, Accuracy +5 | Might +2, Accuracy +5
Tome | Might +1 | Might +1, Accuracy +5 | Might +2, Accuracy +5[/quote]

Also, would it be possible to have these bonuses for B-A-S ranks only, without any bonuses for C rank?
Most of my units in Midnight Sun start with a C rank, and while I’d like to use this hack, giving a free bonus like that isn’t in my plans. (also it’s possible to give different bonuses to each kind of magic, right?)

Great hack, anyway! :smiley:

Right, fixed the download link. My lack of experience with this forum software is to blame for that.

And yeah, removing bonuses is very simple - once I get this set up to use relative pointers, it’ll be easy to just cut out the C-rank stuff, but for now, in the symbols.log file, you can see the names of the C-rank bonus stuff - SwdC, LncC, etc. At thosw locations in hex, you will see codes like 01 30 or 05 30. Change all those to 00 30, and C-ranks will give no bonus.

I would recommend working from the .asm file in any case, just so you can set the bonuses however you want.

Update - I’ve formatted the hack to work in a sane manner, so now to repoint it you need only change one pointer. The download link points to this new version.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that this hack is 100% compatible with FE7. All you need to do is place the hack elsewhere.

@AlfredKamon: If you want to remove C-rank bonuses (or otherwise adjust the bonusues), the best way is to change them from the .asm file and assemble it yourself with devkitpro.

If that’s not an option for you, you could PM me and I can whip up a version for your hack - it’s no trouble for me.

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oh neat i no longer need to do this for modpack

Very nice work, and good on you for “porting” it to FE7

Have you considered making it an assembly patch? It’s far more foolproof that way IMO

I’m not quite familiar with how to format for your assembly patcher; this hack is pretty much my first experience with assembly (outside of a tiny hit/avoid hack).

I do agree that just making it a patch would be convenient for the user, and I could provide several presets of bonuses, since not everyone would use the exact same set of bonuses.

My patcher uses an identical format to Hextator’s, with the exception that mine allows for variable write-to offsets; if you need help figuring out some of the more arcane features of mine (IMO Hextator’s is far more straightforward and I’ve been trying to remedy that for mine) I’d be happy to walk you through it.

Although it’s somewhat random; how difficult would it be to include the 8th weapon type, staves?

This looks great, and could really use a Nightmare Module for adjusting the bonuses. I’ll see if I can’t whip one up tonight or tomorrow.

Think I’ll just toss this into EN because throwing random ASM hacks always works out just like Blazer’s 3-range snipers

Wait a little while on that - the way my hack is set up, not all levels of all weapons support adding to three different stats - Sword A,B,C only boost Attack for example. I’ll update the download so that every rank for every weapon supports adding to three different stats. Edit: and that’s done. Go nuts.

Oh, and @dancer_A: it would probably be possible to code a bonus to healing based on your staff rank, although depending on if each staff uses its own routine to calc how much it heals it could be a tedious job.

Well, I actually meant in case of attack staves, not extra healing.
I’m still trying to figure out the routine of each staff so I can edit the amount they heal… but that’s unrelated

I think you could bake a weapon rank check into the staff routine itself, though I haven’t looked into it in much detail.

Anyway! I also have updated the download again. This new download fixes a bug where Light magic always gave the S-rank bonus, and makes the patch compatible with Camtech’s Assembly Patcher

This’ll be my last double post, I swear.

I’ve added support for WTD negating weapon rank bonuses! This turned out to be ten times easier than I had expected. With that, I’d say this hack is pretty much feature-complete.

And yeah we don’t really care about double posts at all when they aren’t spam.

Well this pretty much means that I don’t have to pull out absurdly high bonuses anymore to compensate for the lack of WTA.
Splendid job, Venno!

Something I need to tell y’all: the FE7 version of this hack was entirely broken, as it branched to the hack from an incorrect offset (0x2898C instead of 0x28E8C).

Because of this, if you’ve reinstalled the hack previously, you’ll need to reinstall and replace the first eight bytes at 0x2898C with the bytes from a vanilla FE7 ROM. Sorry for the huge mistake guys!

Hmh, I’ve noticed that the bonuses don’t apply to enemies. Is it possible to make so that enemies get the weapon rank bonuses as well?

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The bonus applies to enemies on my end, just tested it. Are you sure it isn’t working for you?

Oh wow, you’re right. Derp.
My fault, I just… did something wrong without noticing.

P.S. Speaking of which, I might have read something about weapon rank bonuses for Staves, but I can’t find it anymore… Was I daydreaming or did such a thing happen for real in the past months?