[FE6/7/8] Circles' Spell Animation Creator [UPDATED TO V1.1]


@circleseverywhere asked me to ask here from Discord, so…
I keep getting too many tiles errors in my spells that are already squished from FEditor format.
I’ve tried many common spells like Boganone and Aura, but I keep getting the same error.

Follow up: Can this be used in conjunction with FEditor, or will it have problems with the CSA table?


Double-check your blank frames in Usenti and make sure that the background colour comes first in the palette and there are no other colours in the palette that are the exact same as the background. I had this problem with my blank.png because the background was 0,0,0 but there was another slot in the palette that was 0,0,0, so the assembler was reading the image as a screen full of black tiles. I changed the background colour to be unique and the problem was fixed.


Holy hell thank you so much.
Never mind my second question them.


Hi guys, I found a spell problem.
spells are aligned to the screen. but the enemy position on screen changes between melee and range.

Is there any way to solve it?


Fixed c18 command crashing custom animations


This is from a relatively clean ROM with the most recent updated engine and installer format. I’ve only changed the installer to be a little more buildfile-friendly.

Here’s my installer. This happens with all custom spells when they miss on units that do this type of dodge.

Does anyone have a CSA system with working dodges?


Updated the spell engine to allow dodges to the front