FE5 Project Liberation


I currently have no experience with FE5 or serious hacking whatsoever, so I don’t think I’d take part in any point of working on this except for actually translating directly from Japanese and being a mediator if it is necessary. For now, all I wish is to have this ideabox here with one written goal in mind.

Translate Thracia 776 into a version with generally community accepted names, relying on Project Naga, starting completely over, down to the last lines of both code and dialogue.

Is this a bad idea? Maybe, but as things currently are I simply feel Thracia 776 will forever lack the translation it fully deserves. Perhaps I won’t be heavily involved in its development, but I hold to my heart that, someday, the shackles that hold Thracia down will be broken, and it will be liberated.

If this idea is able to gain traction perhaps I will help organize something or other.

Good luck.

I fail to see how Project Exile isn’t the “translation Thracia fully deserves”. We just got a ground-up translation of it, exactly what you said, so why should we start over? I don’t understand Japanese, but I’ve read through all the PDFs and translator’s notes, and the team seemed to do a great job. And “generally community accepted names”? Isn’t the whole reason there are disputes over names because they aren’t generally accepted?

Could you just specify more what you had issues with, that neither Project Exile nor Lil’ Manster fix?

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Okay I know i jokingly say this a lot, but please focus on your actual projects. This seems a bit pointless to me.


My problems lie with the overreliance on Heroes translations and the fact it’s probably never getting an update due to the big news that hit today, which you can read about with a little research since I don’t want to go over it here. Same deal for both Lil’ Manster and Exile. I’d rather revert to the “in america” translation.

Lil’ Manster is still up on Serenes here :slight_smile:

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I think its best to leave FE5’s translation up to Project Naga now.

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If the Project Naga team handles it, then it would satisfy me.

From the last general update they posted, work is coming along on it, albeit slowly. Once they release their updated FE4 patch, FE5 will be their main focus.

Cool, didn’t know about it. Now this thread is useless because I have full faith in them. I’m still thinking of at least translating raw text so maybe I can do that.

Hope the new translation for FE 5 comes in from Project Naga goes very smoothly.

Looking forward to it, and might possibly help me get back into the mood of playing FE 5 again.

leaving them all in katakana would be a better bet


gotta agree with busk here, don’t you have the hiraeth trilogy, of which you haven’t even finished the first part of, along with the french, spanish, and japanese translations of that same first part to work on? that’s not to say you shouldn’t do this, just that i feel like you’re biting off more than you can chew…


I should make it very clear I don’t care who does it, but someone has to. If it must be me, then so be it.

Translate TNH instead