[FE5] Project Exile needs help

Thought I would post this since I was one of the first people who saw it by chance. If we want a good FE5 Thracia translation this is it.
If you don;t want to watch the video

  1. He needs someone to to expand the Rom for a 8mb patch
  2. Working with Snes fonts
  3. Someone to change text written on the map into current translation (Project Naga compliant)

Cirosan and a group of fans are getting a complete Fire Emblem 5: Thracia 776 translation patch out, but they’ve run into a couple of snags. If you know anything about SNES hacking, please give them a hand! If you don’t, there are still ways you can help!

Contact Cirosan on Discord: Cirosan#0540
Discord Server Invite: https://discord.gg/PVMEKge
Project Exile on Serenes Forest: https://bit.ly/2OH69lW
Project Exile on FEU: https://bit.ly/2OaisrM


I wish you luck, but please do not create a new post for something that belongs in a different project thread, especially if it’s the same post from said project thread,

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yeahhh imma close this

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