FE5 Menu Translation [WIP][5.17]


I’ve been working on a FE5 menu translation patch for some time now, but, as the project nears completion it becomes harder for me to find bugs/untranslated things. So, I’ve decided to release the patch for playtesting. I estimate that it’s roughly at 85%-90% complete.

Here’s a few screenshots for you:



For the curious, here’s some lists of names, classes, skills, items, and factions:

Possibly questionable text






Here’s a quick FAQ:

  • Q: Who provided the text?
  • A: The wonderful bookofholsety provided a large amount of input when writing text, but I made a bunch of decisions that he wouldn’t. Feel free to ask me about them.
  • Q: Are you related to PN in any way?
  • A: Other than thinking that PN is great and having the guidance of bookofholsety, nope. This is not a PN patch, it does not follow the standards that PN sets, and is not meant to be taken in any way to be the work of PN.
  • Q: Are you releasing your findings and documentation regarding FE5?
  • A: Yes! The plan is to release the files used in this patch soon, after some cleanup, so people can mess around. I also would like to publish some notes and documentation whenever possible. I have a thread for some doc, but it’s sorely out-of-date.
  • Q: Where’d you get the font?
  • A: The font is custom-made for the patch. I have a funky program to chop it up unto tiles for use in the game.
  • Q: Why not use the PN font?
  • A: I’m not that much of a wizard.
  • Q: Can I use this for a project?
  • A: I’d prefer it if you didn’t. Besides, good luck editing the the text without my font tool. Some tools for playing around with the patch will be released later, but I’d still ask that you didn’t publish anything using it.
  • Q: Unit ordering patch?
  • A: Maybe some time later.
  • Q: What tools do you use?
  • A: bsnes-plus, HxD, EA, Dispel, NP++, xkas-plus, and python for writing tools myself.
  • Q: Is any dialogue modified?
  • A: The dialogue remains unchanged. This includes the text for armories and shops. The goal here is to avoid obstructing the story. If you really want to, you can translate the dialogue yourself without any jumbled characters or whatever. If I changed the dialogue font then I can’t guarantee that text will be fine.

Here’s the patch:
Version 5-17

It’s for an unheadered, unmodified FE5 SFC. Please don’t ask me if it works with X patch, mod, or hack, as I haven’t tested.

Post your comments, gripes, bugs, etc. here. If you find a bug or some untranslated text, provide a description of what happened/where to find the untranslated stuff, at least one screenshot if possible, and possibly a save file.

As always,
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replied soon

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Not sure if this is intentional(the font choice, not the problem), but the font you chose to use is very difficult to read. Specifically on the gradient background. I honestly had to stare at the first screen next to the map icon before I could see it said “Leif”.

It’s understandable that people might have trouble reading some of the text. Each letter in the font is only 4 pixels wide in order to fit as much text as possible. It’s not ideal–I’d much rather have a variable-width font–but it’s currently my only way to avoid having the ugly text used in the old translation.

I guess here’s the font, scaled 2x, in case anyone’s interested



Current implementation takes up a lot of tiles, unlike an 8-pixel-wide font. Here’s how it looks in VRAM (scaled again), if you’re curious:



Most of the blank spaces seen are actually used by other tiles that are switched in/out on certain screens. The bottom-right tile is the only actual free tile remaining. As you can see, it’s pretty packed. This is after reducing the number of unique tiles considerably, which causes the appearance of the font to suffer.

Each letter is part of a pair, with each pair taking up two tiles, forming the upper and lower halves of the text. When building the graphic that gets inserted, the program I made tries its best to reuse tiles, removing duplicate tiles and trying to match for flipping. It might end up looking a little bit ugly in the end, but that single VRAM image covers all of the text in the patch.

I hope that helps to clear up why the font is ugly.

I think most of the problem is the background + the font, which is sort of unavoidable.
It’s probably fine enough once you get used to it though.

Yeah, the gray-on-gray default background really doesn’t aid visibility.

Luckily FE5 allows you to change window colors, so if you need more contrast you can change them. Here’s a quick example:

You could definitely fiddle with it a lot in order to get the results you need.


Ah shit I forgot all about that, perfect!

Still looks hard to read imo but very good when considering the technical limitations. Guess it just means we have to break our limits…

Time for some
-> <- -> <- -> <- -> -> B


what patching tool do I use to patch it since Tsukyomi won’t even find the patch file

nvm got it too work

How? I still can’t

Hey, if you post some details about what you’ve tried, it might be easier to help you. You can also feel free to PM me, if you need anything.

I have tried 2 diff patchers NUPS and Tsukyomi, for both I get errors saying it does not match the file type or that it is incpable of patching, I have tried patching the .zip, and the direct file. MY theory is that it is the wrong file type but idk why that would be since all my other roms are fine (have patched with different patches basically)

Check to make sure that your file is indeed a .sfc, is 4096kb in length, and, at 0x7FB0 (when looking into the file with a hex editor) that you see:

Okay, how cain i play the translated game with this menu? If i apply to the translated rom that i have they crash, i need a specific translation or is not compatible with the main text translation patch?

Zane’s menus and Shaya’s trainwreck are not compatible.