[FE5] [Complete] Fire Emblem: New Theory of Thracia 776

This mechanism has not changed and remains vanilla. Enemy/NPC units that have no weapons will grab weapons from their allies that have two or more weapons. They don’t care if the target is the boss or not.

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Hi this is just a question about a certain class name in Fe4 which is also used here for Daisy and Fergus’ promotion class but where did the term Forrest (フォーレスト) originate from and why is the Hero class called that in Fe4?

In conclusion, I don’t know. I don’t think it was ever explained by an official. There is a theory that it was coined to mean “Fore+est”, someone that fights on the front lines, but of course the correctness of this is not guaranteed. However, Mr. Kaga often makes up coined words (he tends to emphasize the sense of a word rather than its meaning), so there is a reasonable possibility that the word is coined.

The English spelling in my hack is taken from the FE8JP class reel. (This class is called Ranger in the English version)


My friend found that Thororn, the Thunder Magic, can be used when user is silenced. Please fix it.

In Chinese players’ community, someone is already finished the 0 growth rate version.

Thank you for the report. I will fix it in the next update.

That’s amazing. I’m curious how they did it.


  • Changed the description of the victory conditions in Chapter 19. This is a written change only.
  • Fixed an issue where when using the Talk command in preparation for Chapter 21, a dialogue would appear indicating that Mareeta knows Shannam’s true identity, even if she does not.
  • Fixed that Thororn was not set as magic (it was not disabled by silence).
  • Fixed an issue where the backup save would not be deleted when game over with auto save turned off.
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Hello, It’s been a bit since I’ve commented here, but I did need to ask, is Xavier’s recruitment broken at the moment, or am I doing something wrong? For some reason when I attempt to recruit him, even with all the civilians having talked to and fled the battlefield, the conversation has Leif execute him. My Leif is promoted into the “Master Lord class” if that helps identify the issue.

Leif will execute Xavier if you made some choices previously.

The possible choices you made

If you:

  • Captured Olwen in Chapter 10 and didn’t proceed to Chapter 11 Gaiden, and
  • Recruited both Kempf and Illios.

Then Xavier won’t join you and Leif will execute him. If i’m not wrong, the previous chapter will have some dialogue where August and Dorias agree that Xavier must die.

I’m not sure if this is true, but I believe Xavier wouldn’t be recruitable in your case in order to prevent the unit cap to be exceeded in the future.

Yep, most late game characters will be unrecluitable due to the unit cap, fe5ai specified it somewhere in the guide

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As already answered, if you have taken certain actions so far, Xavier will not join your party and another unit will take his place in a later chapter. The reason for this is to allow a variety of units to participate while the number of having units is limited.

In terms of consistency in the story is based on the following viewpoints: if Leif had made a calm (at worse, less humane) choices by the time he got to this chapter, he will have the same attitude towards Xavier.

what was the reason for you to nerf charisma? I’m curious. Also, the reinforcements in chapter 13 are infinite?


Kinda sad that Arthur can’t use Thorhammer with Elite

Because there are more than twice as many owners of that skill as there were in the original. If this remains the original value, the value will overflow when stacked.

Yes. I did this because it is unnatural for reinforcements to break off in ch13 but they become surrounded in ch14. Instead, only Leif needs to reach the gate.

It becomes usable when the weapon level reaches S.

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I think the bonuses of charisma are really low and kinda useless but I get the point. Also, Ambush it’s written as Umbush here

Thank you for the report. I will fix it in the next update.



  • Changed the name of the sniper with Asaello’s face in Chapter 19. Because the name may be misleading. (Note: He will only be given a unique name if there is a possibility of recruiting him.)
  • Changed Ishtore’s wind weapon level in Chapter 24, rank A to B. Fixed an issue where it was now possible to give it to him and change his equipment due to changes at Blizzard.
  • Increased Linoan’s initial Light weapon level by one, because she could not use Resire even after promoted.
  • Fixed an issue where Miranda (Dark Mage)'s face would sometimes return to normal when trading items.
  • Fixed an issue where Elblizzard would behave incorrectly in real combat. There was a lack of settings for weapon types for the real combat anime.
  • Fixed the incorrect spelling of Ambush in the Dragon Lance description.
  • Fixed an issue where the Adept skill would activate with the wrong threshold. The actual number of attacks is now the same as the attack count displayed and the skill description.
  • Fixed an issue in Maniac mode where fatigue would be reset to 0 at the end of the map if it exceeded a certain value.
  • Fixed some bugs that only occur in Japanese.


  • Added an effect to the unique skill “Carrier” that allows her to Canter with 0 movement when carrying an ally even if the carrier does not have Canter (can choose “Drop” or “Wait” after taking the action).
  • Eda’s unique skill has been changed to “Crit Mastery”, the Crit value of the equipped weapon is doubled. When the effect is applied, the number of weapon specs on the stats screen will turn green. (Due to processing, the double value is not displayed on the supply or trade screen.)
    • These changes were made to fix issues with skills being completely ineffective once promoted to a branching class. Whether the effect is useful or not, I changed to make them work in some way.
  • Added new items “Francisca” and “Great Axe”. Partial replacement of too many Hammers in the late game.

Hello! I’m a big fan of this and have played it 3 times, and am currently working on a 0% run. I was wondering if there could ever be a plan for a reverse recruitment update? I think it could be really fun and allow some units who join late and don’t do that much in a regular run to see interesting use(like Althena and Tine). Of course, this is only an idea and suggestion but I think it could be a really fun and interesting update/challenge. Thanks for making this!


nah man I can’t recruit Xavier if I recruit Sleuf :sob: :sob: :sob:

Thank you for playing. I think it is difficult to make because of the event structure. However, it might be interesting to consider way to use units that are only useful for a short time late in game, something that would allow them to be used a little longer.

Recruitment of Xavier and Sleuf does not interfere with each other, it is possible they could join at the same time.

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Word spelling problem, it should be ’ Mountain’.