FE4XNA (No, this is not an April Fool's prank)


Here’s a quick little sneak peak for you. The video shows off how the gameplay progresses with the addition of mid-map prep screens and gradually expanding map grids.

Stay tuned, kids.


Good luck with that…Elibean Nights must be nearing completion…Soon


Christmas came early!

Everyone start signing up for voice acting, dibs on coolest character.


It lives.


looks cool


Arvis looks like a little boy, wut.
Also, I stand by my opinion on zoomed in faces being horrible.


We need to get you something better to record on than a telescope, two tin cans for reverb, and a microphone made from three paper towel rolls taped together.


This is really impressive! :slight_smile:

Seeing what you have implemented so far, makes me excited for the additions to come.

Also that Arvis portrait, wow, its awesome! (The others are great too, but that one just stands out to me)

All the best in terms of development @Arch!


Rip EN release never



can’t wait for the inevitable heartbreak. got my dance ready for it and everything


Something has to be alive for it to die

Disappoint me daddy




Arch has officially gone mad, everyone.


Somebody ban him before he raids Serenes Forest.


He will rain down an army nearly five users strong!




Looks nice, do you guys plan on using refurbished music or are you gonna use the original soundtrack?


We currently have a banjo version of the Verdane Army theme. It’s being used unironically.