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Copying the serenes materials over here for those of you that might be interested and check here more often

FE4EasyText is a patch that Pukachi made way back when, which converts the dialogue text table to be converted directly from ASCII
in short, it lets you type in letters in a hex editor to write dialogue instead of using codes or a parser
it uses up more space than a well-constructed parser, but it’s incredibly easy to use, just keep in mind you still need to manually input control codes (textfile contained in fe4hackdocs)
you can use this on either a blank ROM or to overwrite a patch that used j2e’s as a base; doubtful you could use others, but never tested


twilkitri’s old data, useful for learning some of the basics and has some things like dialogue coding that may be important to have, most of it is handled by nightmare these days but some isn’t

I also added the codes for using menu text

the japanese map editor, I translated the necessary stuff (not much to translate but still looks better)

google translate can help you if you want to check out the readme, but if you need some help with the program lemme know

the important thing is that once you save a map, drag the map file you saved onto ‘encofe4.exe’ in order to compress it, then insert it to the ROM
New Nightmare Modules

more things to make your life easier

Hair Color Editor

edits the hair colors for battle animations, they’re stored specially since IS was too lazy to make custom palettes for every character
Triangle Attack Editor

self-explanatory, there are three possible combinations
Children Definition

is this where children are born? I dunno, haven’t played with it or anything, but hopefully it will act how I want it to later on
Battle Sprite Editor

just modified the defining bytes so it’s better to customize
Class/Item Name Editor

well there was a character one why not these too for huge convenience
Magic Animation Editor

just copy-pasted it from the FE5 one pretty much
Chapter Music Editor

the second one is for when chapters start from a save
I didn’t finish collecting all the phase data but it should be easy enough to figure out for anyone else (if you needed to)
Skill Table Editors

this new set of editors will allow you to assign any skill you want to the skill lists available for characters, classes, or items, the class one especially important due to the lack of skills you can give them
it’s pretty much for replacing all those unused and/or unneeded skills in the lists
here’s some screenshots on how to use it (I can’t post screenshots on here man)
what it is is that you set the skills to use the numbers you give them
it’s like writing numbers on a piece of paper and sticking them to the skills
you can not see above I changed astra to 0x2000, which since the 20 is for the second byte, it’ll be 0x20 for Class Skill 2, I modified my class module to reflect that for ease
voila, the skill is assigned as a class skill which means you can have a character promote into something with a skill they couldn’t get with vanilla FE4
modules download:

other stuff

I have a few random notes of random things like several event stuff and little singular addresses of junk
warning: it’s typical experimenter’s notes so it’s all over the place
also I have some notes on making custom magic animations, but it’s really hard to describe how to make one without a guide
maybe sometime I’ll take the time to make a guideline on how to make your own, it’s a little bothersome
Nightmare part 2:


Shield Sprite Editor and Shield Definition Editor

these will change the shields used by the various knightly classes, allowing for more customization
you can give a certain shield of a certain color to a certain character using a certain class, which is pretty great
Battle Music Editor

lets you change the music used during battle, though you can only use other music allowed for battle, mostly just useful after using the FE5 music patch
Skill Icon Display

this set of modules is simply for changing which skill graphics are displayed for each skill
with this you can give icons to ‘hidden’ skills such as canto, recover, etc
I did this myself for those two and also some new skills in my hack so that none of the graphics get wasted
Item Sprite Editor

this’ll allow you to change the battle animation sprite and palette designations for items, giving you more customization
on a side note, if you’d like to insert your own graphics like I have, the tile pointer table starts at $198A1F[/spoiler]
 - another note, relating to map sprites and shield sprites: if you use and customize the map sprite editor, the pointers for them are at $3825E I believe
 - this applies to both the map sprite and shield definition/sprite editor too: when pointing to a certain class, it will read from each class in the list until it reaches a character(shields) or gender(map sprites) that reads FF, then it moves to the next pointer
 - this is why when making someone not sigurd or celice into a lord knight, they look like a duke knight because duke knights come right after; since only the lords are lord knights, and their sprites are specified by character, there’s no need to give them gender or an ‘end list’ code
binary tools (10MB) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/jrme3en2pq6lky1/FE4binarytools.zip

note that I haven’t renamed everything I found in the old archive (I tend to not use patches experimentally if I can’t read what they do, and some stuff I didn’t bother with, aka laziness)
most of these patches and stuff are simple tools and changes, so they won’t conflict with one another or j2e’s patch; if they do, they’ll probably require some repointing… I also haven’t used each of these tools, so I can’t vouch for the usefulness or working order of such, but if I mark them as ‘safe’, they’re just fine to insert for any patch as far as I know
I’ve likely repointed things here and there for some that I’ve used, and since I can’t remember exactly all I’ve done, USE THESE WITH CAUTION AND MAKE BACKUPS.

various notes for coding battle animations

displays critical hit ratio during realtime battle, replacing the LEV (level)
 - NOTE: may cause criticals to always activate and wrath to not work; I fixed it but I need to figure out what I did again…

I think these are notes on how to change the experience given for killing certain classes (didn’t use, not sure how it works)

adds the five battle themes from FE5, replacing the codes 9B - 9F with Attack, Defend, Boss, vs. Leidrick, and vs. Beldo
use it with the battle music editor like me

a lot of various graphics and data made by various people ready for insertion to FE4

graphics compressor AND decompressor, highly valuable.

a lot of portraits, some from other FEs, some custom improvements and the like, etcetera

some sprite data of FE5 sprites for inserting to FE4

graphics compressor, not sure if it’s much different from the other, but more is always better

decompressed intro graphics

a lot of patches and notes from a user named ‘Lord’ who has a fair bit of documentation on various things, basic and advanced
NPC - realtime

forces NPC battles into realtime animation
 - safe to use

supposed to make it so that the player can also cheat like the enemy and auto-equip weapons if attacked at a range they can’t reach
 - I haven’t used it and it may cause data conflicts/not work/other problems

I think it removes the ‘immobile’ movement that the game forces on units that use long range weapons and staves, but as a tradeoff you can’t see the range
 - I haven’t used this so I don’t know if it works

allows you to make physical weapons do magical damage, or magical weapons do physical damage, and causes damage from and to the appropriate stats (was useful in my hack)
 - add 10 (hex) to the weapon type in the item editor to utilize the opposite damage type
 - this patch has some coding that may mess up how the emulator displays the game; a problem which my hack has, as far as I know, in ZSNES at least, using an older version or unchecking ‘use new gfx eng’ will prevent such oddities

sword skill patches, all of which allows any weapon type to use the sword skills
A: enables sword skills usable by anyone
B: A + aether replaces light sword
C: A + aether, though in separate hits
the B and C patches have some activation issues with other skills, but A is A-okay

adds a D rank for weapons, pretty simple, holy blood will also raise the rank from it properly
 - don’t forget to change the nightmare module ranks and every single class/item to reflect this change

makes it so strength = build, meaning weight reduction
 - there are also some other calculations you can use, along with magical weapons using magic as weight reduction

promoting returns units to level 1
 - I haven’t used this patch

changes how the screen shakes in realtime battles for criticals, the readme has an address you can modify to play with it I think
 - safe to use

adjusts how the character/class names and icon is shown on the statscreen: class icon in the corner then the name, with the class name under it, personally I think FE5’s looks better too
 - safe to use

lets enemy units scream on death
 - have not used

this patch is also in my portrait insertion guide, but I’ll put it here too
it makes it so the full palette can be used for portraits, rather than one color cut off
 - safe to use

compressedspriteaddresses.txt - the address locations of compressed graphics for portraits, map sprites, battling map sprites, and battle animations; contains some from FE5 too
gfxlocations.txt - miscellaneous compressed graphics locations, including menu text, intro stuff, title screen, village backgrounds, battle animation sprites for weapons, magic, and backgrounds, etcetera… including the Nintendo logo
item sprite addresses:
198925 - item animation tile headers
198A1F - item animation tile pointers
use this above info to possibly insert your own

anyway that’ll do for now, I’d like to think I’m pretty versed in FE4 if anyone wants to ask whatever, or not, I know noone cares about FE4


@Arch FE4 Renaissance time?

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@Crazycolorz5: If that’s something that interests you, hahah.

The SNES games always got shafted by hackers outside of the moonspeaking community. Fleshing out a full skills system? Way easier with 4 as a base. With some modernizing tweaks and a FireShell-like initiative it could be just as good of a base as FE7. With all of the unique features it has, there’s just as much potential. I’d be interested in importing the tileset graphics and map sprite graphics from 5 to give the game a fresher coat of paint, etc.

It’s always struck me as funny that some of the biggest hacking pipe dreams (Str/Mag split, anima splits, skill systems, repairing weapons, etc.) are already coded into a game, but that doesn’t actually draw anybody (hypocritically admitting myself included in that) to actually dive in.

I could use an excuse to sprite FE5 and 4 style mugs


This is good data! :slight_smile:
Definitely considering making a custom hack of my favourite FE in the future.
I always liked the classes in FE4. I miss the Master Knights.

What if we remade FE4…with FE4!?


Excuse me,I am Chinese so my English is not very well.So if I say something wrong,I feel very sorry.Your hack is famous in our school,like Elibian Nights.I know you make a hack called"FE4 Advance",I think it is very good,but all the download link is broken.May you give me one?Thank you very much.
Our Spring Festival will come. happy new year!


I’m unable to access the FE4Binary tools dropbox (receiving an 403 error). is there any way I could get a different link to the files?

You can find some of (if not all) the patches on this uploader,

It’s under one of the FE4 archives.

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