Fe4 Pme

Well you know the drill you give me suggestions and I try to implement them pretty simple
P.S. I’m not that good at in putting portraits so please make the changes simple thanks.
planned changes

Lachesis now has FE8 Eirikas growth rates added on top of hers

Eldigan now has FE8 Ephraims average 20/1 stats

*levin x sylvia is now forced {done}

*arden x fury is now forced {done}

*arden now has all minor bloods is a sword knight with wrath and astra {done}

*alec is now a lance armor with +40 to his strength speed and defense with a +20 to
magic with -4 speed and +4 strength to his bases he will have luna adept and
miracle(he starts with an iron lance and a javelin)

*noish is a fighter with pursuit all his growths are 69% (nice) +3 to strength and speed bases (starts with iron axe) {done}

unless specified all enemies will receive a +20 to all growths

cairpre now promotes into emperor or baron

sety starts as a forrest night (promoted form of sword cav){done}

well its all done now to the next project

Don’t know if you take multiple suggestions but in case you take only one choose the one you like the most, if you take multiple take as many as you want

  1. Make Arden a Sword Knight (NOT Armor) and give him Critical, Pavise, Astra, and every Minor Holy Blood in the game with their growth bonuses (keep his Vantage skill though). Furthermore give him -5 defense but +3 strength, magic, skill and speed. Have him start out with a Steel Sword and Flame Sword

  2. Make Alec into a Lance Armor but increase his Str, Speed and Def growth by +40%, his magic by +20% give him -4 speed but +4 strength and defense, give him a Iron Lance and Javelin. Also aditionally give him Luna, Adept and Miracle

  3. Make Noish a Fighter, give him a Steel Axe, give him Pursuit and make every growth rate of Noish 69% so he can be Noisher. Also increase his strength and speed by +3

  4. Give Thieves and Myrmidons Canto (if possible)

  5. Make Sigurd a Wyvern Lord and increase his stats by +3, and increase his growths by +10, keep ranks and so on the same

  6. Give Fighters Luna, give Archers Pursuit, give Priests and Clerics Sol, give Mages Critical and give Dark Mages Wrath. Their promoted classes should also keep the skills

  7. Make Azel a Dark Mage (if possible keep his other Magic Ranks with the Dark Rank) and give him aditional Minor Loptyr Blood. Give him +3 magic and resistance and have him start out with a Jormungand, Thunder and Fenrir, but give him C Dark so he can only use Fenrir after promoting

  8. Give Every Infantry class except Brigands +1 movement

  9. Give Bows 1-5 range similar to Gaiden, if that’s too OP then give them 2-5 range or lower and give them -1 mt and -20 hit

  10. Give Axes -10 weight, give lances have -6 weight, give fire tomes -4 wight, give thunder tomes -3 weight, and give both light and dark tomes -12 weight

  11. Make Lex a Axe Armor but give him Pursuit, Wrath, Accost along with Paragon and add Hector’s growth rates on top of his own ones. Have him Start out with an Iron Axe and Hand Axe

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Change all brave weapons into racist weapons (Racist Axe, Racist Bow)


Make Corpseti a forced pairing.
Also make Fury unrecruitable.

If fury shouldn’t be recruitable then Sylvia should also be removed

Corple still comes with Forseti

Some more Ideas:

  • Coirpre gets FE7 Athos growth rates and FE7 Erks bases

  • Lachesis now has FE8 Eirikas growth rates added on top of hers (for magic give her +40%)

  • The Miracle Sword is now effective against Armor and Cavalry units

  • Ayra now has Major Od, Baldr and Hezul Blood

  • Eldigan has Ephraims promoted 20/1 stats, has Major Dainn Blood and now wields a Gae Bolg

  • Enemy growth rates are increased by +20%

Give every enemy in the game pavise if possible

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uhhh why would you give him 0% growths in everything

Uhh why should Erinys be unrecruitable and LewynXSylvia be forced?

Because Corpseti funne

LewynXSylvia being forced is fine by me, Erinys being unrecruitable is a open declaration of war

Alternative. We force FuryXArden and Corpseti. and make it so that Corple promotes to a emporeror.
And Sety starts out as a general.

Nah, make Sety a Ranger or Dark Bishop

rename arvis to grill

replace all instances of pursuit with charge

Give Azel Major Vala blood and give him his older brother’s tome Valflame.

Tailtiu is leveled up to level 15 and comes with Mjolnir, Wrath, Paragon and Steal skills

Finn is now a lord with the sol,nihil,and prayer skill, his stats are 35hp 7str 7mag 6skil 11spd 4luck 9def 4res and his growth are 85hp 40str 35mag 30skill 50spd 50luck 50def 40res,also he joins with a thunder sword and a thief sword.
Brigid is now named Eyvel a lv12 swordmaster with the pursuit and adept skill, she has 48hp 14str 4mag 18skill 20spd 10luck 11def 4res, her growths are 50hp 40str 25mag 70skill 70spd 10luck 30def 25res,she has the flame sword and the iron blade.