FE4 Online

hey guys I’m posting my FE4 project over here too, might as well

In a technological and magical world of anthropomorphic animals, boredom strikes and a virtual reality RPG is developed to entertain and pass the time. Fire Emblem is a highly successful years-long active world game that takes place in a medieval setting, with knights and magic and castles and monsters. Its current incarnation features the aftermath of the Dragon War, of which the emperor of the dragons had conquered the continent; he was defeated and life in the game continued. Despite the long battles and detriment to the land, it was a well-received event among the players, and most hope for another to work out their urges for conflict.

Even so, conflict reigns supreme within the game. Setting upon certain land, a player can plant the roots of their empire and grow as much as they can, expanding their influence and claims. Power struggles are numerous, with players conquering each other through battle and corruption and reducing their opponents into poverty. The cycles repeat until one can command a continent, the main goal of the current era, as the rumors go. Regardless as to whether or not it’s planned by the developers, most are doing their best to try and overtake everything they can. However, one of the main roadblocks to doing so are mercenaries.

Lamia, one of said mercenaries, is a young cat that likes to take it easy, but does like the gameplay and comforts the world can offer. Independent but with several friends, she’s rather casual about playing but does her best to level up and get stronger. Mercenaries are lone or groups of players that have no interest in conquest, just wanting to enjoy the game for what it is or explore the world. Each one may buy a castle just as any other player; however, mercenaries have the ability to transport their castle to other lands, appearing randomly on others’ soil, inviting trade, contracts for work, or battles for trespassing. Lamia is the type to do so, appearing in random locations throughout the continent she resides on. Her adventure featured here begins when a friendly nearby castle is suddenly raided, but raids lead to a chain of events that uncovers something sinister going on involving both the virtual reality and the real world.

In development since late 2012, this project is one of the rare English hacking community FE4 hacks out there. This is planned to be more in-depth than most, with several system tweaks, customized weapons and new magic types, new classes and items, maps and events, and more. Unlike the base game, this project does not have a generational system; instead, it is split into Part 1 and Part 2. It may hurt replay value, but it is not the intention of the game as a whole, and the story takes place on a much smaller time frame.

Currently, the first four chapters are playable. Many of the system tweaks are more or less finished; most of what’s left are creating new maps and dialogue, and total portrait reconstruction of course due to the furry populace.

it’s not a real MMORPG or anything, just a simple FE4 hack where the story ‘premise’ is that my characters (and a few of my bff’s) are playing one called Fire Emblem

don’t worry there’s still a fourth wall, but the characters can be genre savvy since they’re aware they have levels and stats and such, for starters
the characters included are furry characters of mine of various kinds with various abilities, though a fair amount of them use magic

the main character is Lamia, she does the seizing and whatnot
List of Changes

New weapons and personal weapons

  • Additional Killer weapons, a number of personal weapons, extra
    skill-giving weapons

New magic tomes

  • Complete with their own mostly-custom animations

New accessories

  • More and different skill-giving jewelry and the like

New classes

  • Hero, Wyvern Knight, Trickster, Ranger, and more

New maps

  • Of course, none of which matches the continental view

New conversations

  • New characters means different characters interested in others, a
    wide variety of personalities

Event modification

  • Progression is generally different, some chapters especially having
    reduced numbers of castles

No children

  • The game is split into Part 1 and Part 2 instead, in order to
    preserve balance and to add longer familiarity and development with
    each character

Some changed graphics

  • Items and skills get new icons, the menus are different, more to come

System Changes

  • Force and Spirit magic do physical damage (this effectively makes Lamia a Strength-based mage)
  • Magic Swords (and one personal weapon) do magical damage at close range, except for the Force magic sword
  • Weapon weight is reduced by STR/2 or MGC/2 depending on the weapon type
  • NPC and Neutral-aligned unit battles use Real animation
  • Previously hidden skills such as Canto and Recover now appear on statscreens and have proper names and descriptions
  • S rank weapon levels and weapons have been added
  • Sword skills can now be activated by any weapon type
  • Critical rates are displayed on the statscreen and also during battle, replacing the Level[/spoiler]
    current progress: Chapter 1-3 Complete
    CAUTION: This patch may be incompatible with SNES9x and Higan emulators.
    It may also cause graphical glitching on later versions of ZSNES; please uncheck ‘Use New GFX Eng’ in Config > Options.

current public WIP: (unavailable)

here’s some screenshots


things I need to figure out:

  • decode battle sprite animations
  • change which icons items use
  • find all of the holy blood graphics
  • probably more that don’t come to mind right now

I am happy to see this here Lamia! :slight_smile:
When will the next patch be released? This is a hack I really want to play.
I am interested in seeing those custom classes and spells. :slight_smile:

I’ll probably release another public patch after either…

I get to finishing dialogue for the latest chapter

or I finish the gameplay for an additional chapter

although I wonder if I should simply finish up dialogue+gameplay for all of part 1 before releasing