[FE4] Fire Emblem 4 Turbo (jp hack)

I’m just going to share this jp hack i just recently found. Judging from the title this is not what your going to expect. This is a jp hack made by a anon japanese author. I have not looked much in this hack yet but there are couple of changes like map revamps, new weapons, generics have skills, Great Lord class can now use staves, canto on cavaliers are removed unless they use slim sword/weapons, character changes or buffs, movement increased, and cool stuff like Marriage/couple skill activation (im bad at names)(basically triangle attack but 2 pairs adjacent). I smell a ridiculously difficult hack but I hope it’s a neat one.

link to the original rar

If you’re going to post someone else’s hack, the very least you could do is include the author’s name and the original download source.

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the source: