Fe3H style demonic beasts in fe8?

Is it posible to implement fe3H style demonic beasts on fe8? This is for my project: Fire Emblem: Eagles & Lions

I wouldn’t see why not, tbh. There’s the whole non-vanilla debufftable, you can mimick the shield-down effect with that.

Any way to make them have multiple hp bars or to ocupp various tiles?

IIRC you can give units death quotes, and can trigger flags when these quotes are displayed. You can then use these flags to trigger events, like spawning a new instance of the monster with a different HP bar.

As for multiple tiles… You could copy the unit’s ID in the unitmap to the tiles neighbouring the unit. If the unit needs to move, it’ll still be able to go through single tile corridors though, so not sure.

I see… thanks you anyways