[FE15] Shadows of Valentia Reverse Recruitment

Join Mycen and Luthier in Shadows of Valentia Reverse Recruitment.

For anyone that is not familiar with reverse recruitment, the concept is pretty simple - it just reverses the order that characters are recruited.


1937358887_FEEchoesShadowsofValentia_22_09.22_21.19_09_123.png.935d06f3532fa952038e1b365d1d9202.png 453468305_FEEchoesShadowsofValentia_22_09.22_21_28_18_773.png.a0926a1c51cc677a41467f6914f89e04.png

1527097798_FEEchoesShadowsofValentia_22_09.22_21_29_13_746.png.ef3e9fa17da5aef2e8e2af67aaf685b5.png 683214652_FEEchoesShadowsofValentia_22_09.22_21_32_19_054.png.5085584fa2a0b19e70ffffe420f107f8.png

168080212_FEEchoesShadowsofValentia_22_09.22_21_42_08_831.png.dc0be71f59350e672ac308f1405b6230.png 960415879_FEEchoesShadowsofValentia_11_09.22_15_47_04_374.png.b86693141ca34346c5182583afbbca49.png



You can download the patch here: FE15 Reverse Recruitment V1.01

Note that this was built based on the North American version of the game. No testing has currently been done with different versions of the game, and no testing has currently been done with DLC.

If you haven’t played a modded 3DS game before, I recommend reading Citra’s Guide on Game Modding.


Here is the Spreadsheet with Unit Stats.

Characters were leveled or de-leveled based on their growth rates. For characters who join in a lower tier class than in vanilla (i.e., required “depromotion”), base stats were calculated by subtracting their original class bases and adding their new class bases (excluding resistance), and then leveling or de-leveling.


This was built using the following tools: Paragon editor by Thane98, FEAT by SciresM, Ruby .bin unpacker / repacker by Ambiguous Presence, HxD, and Notepad++.
Special thanks to circleseverywhere for help in figuring out how to allow Mycen and Luthier to attack within dungeons.


V1.01: Fixed RES stat on some characters.


interesting! i remember your past RR patches. ill give this one a try