[Fe14] Revelations Improvement

Working with paragon, I have already created a patch that fixes the bad distribution of units in the base game of FE fates revelations. But I wanted to undertake bigger changes to the game as a whole

Notable changes I am thinking about

  • Story Changes, difficult to implement given my complete inexperience with Exalt, program used to change events flags and other code, but I can’t imagine its so far out of reach. A bit of patience and I should be able to make necessary changes to imo a 3/10 story. Specifically following up my recruitment patch with mind towards fitting the new recruitment into the story. I’m not sure how much of the story would need to change.

  • Character Secondary classes, some are really ill fitting and bad as a second option overall. Maybe it might ruin a bit of the uniqueness of certain units, but I like training and variety thats useful and good. Not Effie having an offclass of magic exclusivity or the worst promoted base stats for a class in the game.

My exact Ideas -
Felicia - Dark Mage
Sakura - Archer
Hana - Ninja
Saizo - Spear Fighter
Azama - Oni savage
oboro - Sky knight
Kagero - Archer
Kaden - Samurai (maybe spear fighter bc basara mag)
Ryoma - Sky knight (idk)
Elise - Dark mage
Niles - Mercenary
Nyx - troubadour
Peri - Wyvern Rider
Charlotte - Wyvern Rider

  • More Knives - I want to add more knives to the game and give certain classes knives. For now, i wanted to give mercenaries a max C in knives so they have a ranged option, which pairs well with stance.

Any other thoughts or suggestions or critcism leave down below please. I want to do a massive overhaul of Revelations and Fates as a whole at some point, but for now the recruitment problem is fixed(ish) and to be posted after I get member status.