[FE14] Ignis - Updated Fire Emblem Fates Randomizer


Hey everyone,

Starting a thread for this here now that the project’s active again.

The Fire Emblem Fates Randomizer has undergone a complete rewrite. The new randomizer, Ignis, offers more features and a more stable playthrough (less troubleshooting!). Additionally, the setup with Ignis is simpler - give it an extracted RomFS and somewhere to put the outputs and it will handle the rest. No digging through the RomFS or running files through FEAT.

Randomizer features:

  • Randomized classes, skills, and stats. This includes weapon rank adjustments so everyone’s viable in their new classes.
  • Randomized join order. Characters can swap places in the story with proper adjustments to dialogue, 3D cutscenes, etc.
  • Randomized chest/village items.
  • Experimental player randomization.
  • Lots of misc. extras + fixes to help with randomized playthroughs. Add Anna to castle recruitment, unlock hero battles, a generic sprite for Songstress, etc.

For more details + instructions, check the readme on GitHub: GitHub - thane98/ignis: A simple randomizer for FE14.

Releases (download the *.7z file, NOT the source code): Releases · thane98/ignis · GitHub

Direct download link (Beta 2): https://github.com/thane98/ignis/releases/download/beta-2/Ignis-Beta-2-Windows.7z


Excited to try this out. Always wanted to do a randomized fates run but waa a littlw daunted by the setup, this seems like it will be much easier.

It’s really great to see this project active again! I’ve done so many playthroughs with this randomizer, I’m really excited to see it get more updates.

Beta 2 is out. This fixes a whole bunch of bugs that were reported with Beta 1 and adds a couple requested features.

New features:

  • Optional separate pool for characters with limited supports
  • Optional fix Corrin / Elise’s spinning animation in chapter 1
  • Optional fix for character heads showing in the feral dragon model when someone replaces Kana
  • The randomizer report now includes the RNG seed you used.
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selena supremacy

also I find fates conquest to be the best in the series when it comes to map design and one factor of that is that your army composition is nearly limitless, you got your main units that get at least one reclassing option on top of at least one maybe even two more options because of friendship and partner seal, child units with their own set of reclassing options and potential partner/friendship seal, einherjars, amiibo units, unit log units and that’s not even taking into account the many different skills you can acquire from visiting castles and the dlc classes!

my point is that if any fire emblem game deserved a randomizer, it’s this one


Buenas , Se pueden usar archivos formato cia?

Los archivos CIA son archivos rom, lo que significa que no se pueden proporcionar en este sitio web, simplemente tiene que parchear la rom vanilla fates con el archivo de parche provisto para que funcione.

Estoy usando el traductor de Google para esto, lo siento si tiene algunos errores gramaticales

I’m not sure if I’m just inputting them incorrectly or if there is a problem but when I put in the gay Fates files and then randomize it still doesn’t give me the extra supports.