[FE13] Rebalanced Awakening v4.2

Have you ever played Fire Emblem Awakening and got frustrated at the massive stat inflation, broken pair ups, nosferatu spam, boring rout maps, and same turn reinforcements spawning out of nowhere? Then you’ve come to the right place, because all of these problems will be addressed. The main goal of this hack is to tone down the broken or frustrating elements of the game while providing buffs to the underpowered units and classes.

The game now plays more like Fire Emblem Fates, with a progressive difficulty curve (game gets harder as you progress) and lowered growths/stat caps so your units can’t snowball too hard and break the game. If you like the game-play of Fire Emblem Fates, then you will probably enjoy this version of Awakening a lot more than the vanilla. I’ve balanced this game around Hard / Lunatic Difficulty No Grind, and it should feel similar to Fates Hard / Lunatic difficulty. Hard is the classic Awakening experience, and Lunatic is completely revamped so the enemies are no longer overwhelmingly strong in early game and the hopefully the game is difficult in strategically interesting ways instead of raw stats and enemy spam.

Here are all the changes the patch includes: https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/93598-fe13-rebalanced-awakening-v31/
(Updating the changelist for multiple platforms would be troublesome so I am just linking the original thread)

Patch Link: Rebalanced Awakening - Google Drive

Special Thanks:

Lightcosmo for teaching me how to read hex, honestly I would have never gotten anywhere if it wasn’t for you, so huge thanks.

Thane98 for making the awesome Paragon Editor

Buddies on r/memesemblem discord for discussing potential changes

Kamehamehayes and WyvernNicola for providing playtest feedback

It would be greatly appreciated if people could playtest this and share feedback, bugs, or suggest new balance changes. This hack has received a LOT of feedback and criticism that I’m very grateful for, and the hack has definitely improved considerably because of it. That doesn’t mean I’m willing to receive more feedback though! If you have anything you want to talk to me about in real time, feel free to contact me on discord: windypanda1#4593. Or join my personal discord server: https://discord.gg/jFqXSTXxdh


Hey, I am very new to FEU. Apologies if I made any mistakes in the post.

Really nice job, sad to see it not get more popular though for the effort.