FE13 Random Class Picker

Edit after 3 years: I’ve realized how useless this software actually is. Lmao. The title is also kind of miselading. Keeping the thread up just in case anyone still wants to download it. Expand the summary section.


(Someone may have made something like this before me, and probably a better one. But I made this myself out of boredom, and to improve my programming,)
Written in Python.
If you wanted to do a run of FE Awakening with random reclassings for each character, then you can use this tool.
Download the .zip file, open it and open up the “ClassPicker” folder, then start the application “ClassPicker.exe”.
First, choose either promoted or unpromoted, by typing in “1” for unpromoted and “2” for promoted, and hit Enter.
Then, type in the name of the character (or just anything else really) and the program will randomly pick a class for the character.
If your character can’t reclass to the class given to you by the program, just try again.
I know it’s not perfect, but again, I made it out of boredom.
Feel free to ask any questions.
(I wanted to put this topic on the Toolbox category but apparently it’s only for hacking tools.)

Wait, so this doesn’t actually randomize anything, only gives suggestions to what you should randomize…?

Yes. There maybe are some randomizers for fe13 but it’s tedious to set them up, since it’s for 3ds.