[FE12] Encryption Documentation for Kris's Growth Rate Bonuses

This is a follow-up to SciresM’s post on Serenes Forest from a few years ago documenting FE12 growth rate encryption (can’t add links yet). Someone else has probably figured it out already, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I’m posting it just in case.

As you probably know, Kris gains bonuses to their base stats and growth rates depending on your choices for their past, present, and future during avatar creation. This data is stored at 0xEF80 in the decompressed FE12Data.bin in the form of 15 rows of 16 bytes each, where the first 8 bytes are the base stat bonuses and the next 8 bytes are the growth rate bonuses. The usual stat ordering (HP, Str, Mag, Skl, Spd, Lck, Def, Res) is used. The rows correspond to the past/present/future choices; in order, they are

 0  Noble's child
 1  Orphan
 2  Farmer's child
 3  Clergy/Priest's child
 4  Merchant's child

 5  Beautiful/Beauty
 6  Diverse/Diversity
 7  Strong/Strength
 8  Kind/Kindness
 9  Wise/Wisdom

10  Honorable
11  Recluse
12  Truth-seeker/Enlightened
13  Humanitarian/Humane
14  Rich/Wealthy

The growth rate bonuses are encrypted in a similar way to the character/class growth rates. The decryption function is located at 0x2049814 in the DS RAM; it uses the same lookup table as in SciresM’s post, and the index is computed as

index = (encrypted_growth_rate - (0xB7 ^ (0xE1 * ((row_index ^ 0x7B) - 9 * growth_rate_index)))) & 0xFF

This information isn’t super useful since it only applies to Kris, but it could be used to edit these growth rates if someone wanted to do so.


Thanks so much for this info! Really wish DSFE hacking could see more progress in general. Pretty sure there was a guy working on a DS equivalent of FEBuilder but he seems to have pretty much stopped working on it. :cry:

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