[FE12] Dialog font format


Anyone here up for a challenge in helping me with a font file in FE12? A while ago I finished a complete german localization of New Mystery of the Emblem. It took years to complete and the finished script has around 337.000 words. I translated all the graphics, adjusted some names to CYL names and so on. However there was always one big problem that I could never solve and I tried many times to do so. Fire Emblem 12 has two fonts: One for the menus and a font for dialog but they also have two different formats. A good german translation needs some letters from the latin-1 unicode block and while I managed to integrate the important letters into the menu font by using Shadow Dragon as a reference I never could do the same for the dialog font.

So here I am having a project that’s 99% finished and it’s something that most people from the international scene probably don’t even care of. I am sorta desperate now since it’s like sitting on a rough diamond and not having the tools to polish it. I would be very grateful for any help. Please see the big picture: Adding latin-1 letters would not only help me finish my translation it would also open the doors for more possible languages if there are some people that are willing to do it.


can you upload what you have done? or just a small part of it?


Here is the font file: https://hearthero.de/public/fe12/talk
The patch itself is complete: All texts and all graphics have been translated but without having the letters “Ä Ö Ü ä ö ü ß” it’s still not polished enough. It’s really important for some languages to have support for these letters.