FE11 Shadow Dragon PME 1.1 mostly finished and finally released


Almost a year ago i started a PME for FE11 which i never quite got around to finishing until now because, as many of you will likely know, sometimes there are more important things in life to deal with.

The only things that are not done are a few text changes and things i frankly had no idea how to do, like village drops, forge changes, and shops. But frankly i just wanted to finally get it out instead of having it gather virtual dust on my harddrive. Do keep in mind that due to the nature of being a PME game is overall super chaotic and not really balanced.

Like i said the hack is not yet playtested, so should you come across anything gamebreaking, or things that look like obvious bugs, like units not having enough weaponlevel to use the weapons they start with, then please tell me and i’ll work on fixing it.

To patch the hack onto your rom, you need a (obviously legally obtained) US American Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon rom, and xDelta (Romhacking.net - Utilities - xdelta UI). You then patch your rom just like you would with a UPS patch on GBA.

There is currently a bug where reclassing to female cavalier or male pegasus knight will crash the game, just don’t do it for now, i’ll have to figure out how to fix it.


Includes my original Changelog with chronological changes, and also notes who submitted them. Aswell as the patch obviously.

This document should include all changes to characters, and i think it should be up to date. If i find the time to double check everything, and include class and item changes, i will also do that in the future.

Version History

1.1. Fixed Nightmare bugs



It’s finally here! I’m looking forward to playing this!


The perfect excuse to play Shadow Dragon again!
This’ll be fun.


After playtesting a bit i noticed some stats are out of place, and Ymir is replacing barst instead of Nagi. Reason for these bugs are bugs with nightmare (STR/SKL bug and Nagi and Ymir being falsely named). I fixed the nightmare bugs on my end and will go through all characters again to fix anything this might’ve affected. Will push an update relatively soon

Should’ve fixed everything now, updated the download link in the OP too

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Grats on the release


i got a black screen on ch7 that freezes the game im using desmume
I’ve used 2 diffrent roms and it happens at the same place

When exactly does it happen? Upon Chapter start? I usually use MelonDS for emulating, so maybe using that or trying to skip the introduction may help

it freezes as soon as the intro ends

also happens on melonDS

Do you plan on releasing this again? The download link is down and I wasn’t sure if you took it off for a reason.

I didn’t notice the link went down, i’ll reupload it in a sec.
Also: If anyone wants to polish the hack a little bit feel free to do so. I can send you everything you need to do so

Cool, thank you. What would need polishing if you don’t mind me asking?

Well i never actually playtested the thing because as you may know, life can be busy, and me losing interest. There’s probably a few bugs here and there, and someone mentioned how the ch7 intro gives you a blackscreen.