[FE10] Radiant Dawn +, a FE10 QoL/Rebanace mod

A Quality of Life/ Rebalance mod for Radient Dawn.

Radient Dawn is my favorite Fire Emblem game. Unfortunetly it has multiple issues, chief amoung them being that quite a large percentage of charecters are suboptimal or flat out near unusable, the worst offender being units like Fiona or Lyre.

Well no more. With the Power of Thane’s Paragon Editor, in Radient Dawn +, I think I managed to make everyone useable while still keeping it faithful enough to the original game, something a lot of upcoming Radient Dawn mods change completly gameplay wise to the point of it being unrecognisable as Radient Dawn.

Key changes include:
General growth and base buffs for both charecters and classes, especially mages
Buffed Weapon triangle, 10->15%
stronger magic across the board
Thunder magic is now 1-3 range
New weapons, including PRFs and magic weapons.
Laguz changes, untransformed forme no longer as weak and can initiate combat
No need for a clear file or transfers for additional content
Shop and forge changes (can forge el tomes and wind edges)
More interesting and difficult bosses

Gamebannna link:

Serenesforest Topic:


Have you looked into editing tier 3 skills and making them more distinct from each other? They’ve always just been glorified one-shot attacks which renders the secondary effects of skills like Deadeye or Stun pointless if the enemy is just gonna die 99% of the time.

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I know that some people are starting to get to know how to edit this, but the effects of skills and staves are hard coded so its not easy and currently a bit over my skill level. so far i think most that the RD hacking community is able to do is set activation rates to 100% and set damage modifier of occult skills to 1, down from 3 that it is currently.


Oh hello! A new FE10 mod o.o

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What tools do you use for editing FE10 anyways?

also exhalt for script editing, specifically this fork of exhalt:

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