FE1 Visual Hacks

I was pondering the possibilities of importing graphics from other FE games into FE1, and someone on Discord showed me their incomplete CHR image of unit map sprites.
more thracia tileset

Interested in what I saw, I imported these graphics into the game, and later made map sprites for the classes that didn’t have ones yet.

Compressing the complex mounted character sprites into 16x16 was difficult on it’s own, but making moving sprites for all 14, none of which had been done yet, took days to finish. But I pulled it off.

Fire Emblem With Thracia Style_004
It should look something like this.
Apply to a stock-standard JP FE1 ROM. I’ve included a couple art assets I had left over in the ZIP. As for that other patch… well… apply it to a rom and see what happens! Or don’t.


how do I put this under the nesfe tag?

Creative is intended to be used for art threads. Since there is a patch, it should be categorised under projects instead. From there, you can add the nesfe tag.


Heya! I shared the graphics with you. It’s cool to see them used in a cool project :slight_smile:

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This wouldn’t have been possible without that post 'o yours. I thank ye.