FE1 Nightmare Modules: hey, we can edit growths now!

One day, I was bored. Really bored. I was fiddling with my FE7 ROM FE4-ising it, and it corrupted into DDOP with me opening the ROM at one point. I groaned like I always do, and I downloaded the non-GBA modules because why not. I fired up the FE1 modules. “Surely there’s gonna be an item editor and a character editor…” What I got is an incomplete character editor unable to edit growths. "I knew they’d be incomplete, but this is nothing!" So I busted out my HxD and started bashing my head looking for item data. No dice. What I did find, however, is the growth rates! I had a brainwave that all growths are 10% multiples, so I searched “05-04-03-05” instead of whatever 50-40-30-50 was in hex, and I found Marth’s growths!

And the class bases too. Did you know that enemy luck can be set to non-zero?

Anyways, that’s besides the point.

EDIT4: It’s update o’clock. I decided to remove the older download links so the post would be less cluttered. It’s not so much NMMs as all purpose doc and edits, along with a bunch of other hacks included in one central place.


Decided to have fun with this, attempting to turn Jeigen into Seth.

When I open the Growth Rates module though, Nightmare crashes. >.<

What Nightmare were you using? I was using NM2. I followed the original format, though. Maybe it’s freaking out at the comments?

Yeah, I’m using NM1. I was having troble figuring out how to even open NM2. Though, I found the file.


It’s a Nightmare module update! For the second-least important FE.
I have finally found the item data, and there is now an Item Editor! Shops can also be changed here too. These are working in NM2, and are not tested in NM1.

Now if only weapon type and range could be edited… They’re rather elusive. I need it to make a Steel Lance.

Here’s something that can be added to the item module:

3D9D3 is the table for command type and range.

0x00 None
0x01 Item (no command)
0x0A 1 range attack
0x0C 2 range attack
0x0E 1-2 range attack
0x12 1 range staff
0x32 Long range staff
0x41 Item (command)
0x4A 1 range attack + item effect
0x4C 2 range attack + item effect
0x4E 1-2 range attack + item effect

Note: Only physic and fortify work properly with the long range setting.


Well a year later and I finally found the enemy data. GET V0.95 MODULES

Like I said, there’s the Chapter Unit Editors added. Lots of notes and random things have also been added. Feel free to add your own findings to the notes. The more things added, the more info known, the easier hacking becomes!

Wait, what’s the least important FE then?

I bet it’s FE14.

Have this

This is the Map pointers editor.

how to use:(for part 1) find where the beggining offset of your map is,and substract 10 in hex from it,and you have your pointers!

(part 2):same as part 1,but add 40 in hex to your offset

(note:this can also simply be used to make the ch 2 map the ch 1 map , nothing crazy)

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The thing about FEU is there’s absolutely no necropost restrictions at all. 18 month old thread? Who cares?
Have a doc update!
I took the chance to include pretty much every piece of documentation anyone’s made on FE1. If there’s anything I missed, let me know. If there’s anything I included that you don’t want included, let me know as well. Go nuts, everyone.


Necroposting? You disgust me. I’m reporting you to Eclipse and Tangerine!!

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