[FE1] Fire Emblem 1 Hacking Raws and Macros [V0.5]

Hello everyone! I’ve been hacking FE1 for a bit now, and with some help from @Kirb and @Darrman, I’ve started making some Raws for use in FE1, as well as some Macros. So far there are Raws for Units and Shops/Areas. So, this is only 0.5 because I’m not sure how Units are separated (for between chapters) and how text codes work (as well as how they relate to recruiting units, moreover). Please report any bugs here!

(Ofc, I know FE1 hacking is suuuuuper niche, so I doubt anyone besides like 3 other people will ever use these, lol.)


ORG $204D2
PUNIT Marth Lord $1 [$1C, $1D] $01 [$5, $4, $2, $7, $6, $6, $8, $4, $3] [$05, $09] [IronSword, Vulnerary]

ORG $20AE5
EUNIT 0x81 PegasusKnight $09 [IronSword, Vulnerary] [$06, $06] 0x35 [$07, $07]
These ORGs are for Chapter 1.


//Currently not finished researching the text codes. //TEXT (Currently Unknown)

Shops and Areas

[code]#define Chapter1VendorList 0x01
#define Chapter1ArmouryList 0x02
#define Chapter2VendorList 0x03

SetShop(Chapter1VendorList, IronSword, SteelSword, Rapier, Wyrmslayer, KillingEdge, FireEmblem) //sets list #1 to that stuff
SetShop(Chapter1ArmouryList, FireEmblem, LevinSword, DevilSword, Falchion, Bowgun, SilverBow) //sets list #2 to that stuff

SetShop(Chapter2VendorList, Elephant, IronAxe, SteelAxe, Magicstone, Gargoyle, Falchion) //sets list #3 to that stuff

ORG $2e541
SHOP [1,1] Vendor $00 //vendor in c1
SHOP [2,2] Armoury $01 //armoury in c1
SHOP [3,3] Vendor $02 //vendor in c2
AREA [4,4] Arena //arena in c3
AREA [5,5] Storage //storage in c3[/code]
Shops and Areas all go under $2e541, and each chapter is terminated with a $F0. Here, we create a ShopList by using SetShop and definitions. We define the chapter 1 vendor as 0x01, and so on.
Next, we use SetShop to create the list. (SetShop is a macro defined in the Definitions file below.)
Now, we use ORG to go to our table, and set it up. We set it up so we have a Vendor and Armoury in C1, a Vendor in C2, and an Arena and Storage in C3.

Also of note: Seize events are tied to the throne tile. Haven’t research text ids, but i know it is somehow predefined which text it uses.

Last thing: there is a definition included, FE1Pointer. This is just a macro for Pointers, since NES pointers are different than GBA pointers.[/details]

Here are the links for the definitions file (huge thanks to Kirb here!) and the RAWs file. Make sure you include the definitions file in your buildfile, and stick the Raws file in the Language Raws folder of Event Assembler.
If you need any help, you can ask here, or hit me up at Discord!
Definitions File
FE1 Raws
…I also plan to make a FE1 hacking tutorial eventually, but that’s laaaaaaater af.


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