FE08 Seize with a no lord character?

Hi. I am newbie. I started with my fe hackrom with Fe Builder and nightmare. I try seize with a character who isn’t Eirika in his route. I add with nightmare the character ability lord but it doesn’t work. How can I do? I read about ASM but I don’t understand very well now. I apreciate any help.

Thank you and sorry if my question was answered before (I did find anything)

As far as I know it’s tied to the Lords characters(not having the Lord skill, it’s actually hardcoded)
If you’re hacking Fe7, replace Either one of the “four” lords(Eliwood, Hector, Lyn and Lyn from the Tutorial) and install this hack:

If you’re hacking Fe8 then my bad, I think they’re tied to Eirika and Ephraim only and on their respetives modes.

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Please use the following patch of FEBuilderGBA.

//A unit that can perform Seize.
Main Character for Eirika’s Tale
Main Character for Ephraim’s Tale

Transport unit (Prologue and Eirika Ed)
Transport unit (Ephraim Ed)

//Auto cursor and status screen.
Auto cursor and status screen the unit at the top of the deploy.

If you want to use Seize or Transporter on more units than just two units you will need to rewrite ASM yourself.


Thank you! This resolve my problem.