FE Unity [In Progress]

Hello all! (Again). Reading up on the forum, seems most are set with using specialized software tools or other means (i.e. FEBuilder) for their projects, and that’s great.

I’ve searched around and there appears to be a handful of projects made in Unity, complete or not complete. I’ve taken on to start one myself, that is one that attempts to recreate the gameplay of Fire Emblem. In comparison to modding tools of existing GBA ROM and other custom made tools, this will be -very- crude implementation, if it even works. Two personal reasons I want to go this route:

  1. Fire Emblem series is pretty cool
  2. I’m learning Unity, and I heard RPGs are pretty extensive coding wise. This is mainly just a learning experience.

This forum post will serve as a personal development blog of sorts on this. Hopefully I can keep the ball rolling on this project.
Here is a GIF showing what I have so far on the current mechanics I’ve managed to program so far. As you can see, this is very primitive and does not accurately reflect the actual GBA mechanics.
-Tile range and movement
-Battle Animation Enter and exit. Execute battle using character stats. Missing some important game mechanics at the moment (terrain consideration, weapon triangle, criticals, for instance) and the animations themselves need to be fixed as well.

[So, um, there’s supposed to be GIF here, but forum won’t allow me to post one yet…]

As far as credits go, I’ve listed the names in the FE Github graphics repository. Let me know if this isn’t the correct way to go about it, and I’ll fix it. The graphics I show right now are placeholders at the moment.

[Warrior-Base] [M] Vanilla +Magic (didn’t see name attached to this)
[Hero-Reskin] [M] FE7 Armor +Basic Shield (Vanilla) +Lance (didn’t see name attached to this)
Elibe Map Alt Pack {Shin19} (16)
Sokaballa’s Battle Screen


You might be interested in checking out Lex Talionis, reading a comparison here, or joining the Lex Talionis Discord. I personally am in the fe gba hacking camp, but LT is open source and has been used for several high quality projects.

See also:

Good luck with your FE inspired goals :slightly_smiling_face:


Tactile also exists as it’s own standalone engine and is also open source for the most part.

Also, vanilla animations have no credits because they are ripped straight out of the GBA roms. IE the creator is Intelligent Systems and Nintendo.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check it out.

That makes sense, those animations/sprites seem unaltered from the original game. I’ll look over Tactile too.

Apologies for all the posts, but had another question, do Lex or Tactile have any 3D rendering capabilities? I’m getting way over my head here but was just curious.

Tactile might, but I’ve never attempted to try that, so I’m not exactly confident in that.
Lex I have a similar answer for unfortunately.