FE Recolor

[Jul 7 '18]: Updated with a newer version, with a much easier to understand UI and better performance. PM me on discord or something if there are bugs.

A program I put together that makes it easier to recolor FE sprites/try out different palettes, and also easy to generate color data for inserting into GBA hacks or using with FEXP
There are about a dozen battle sprites included with set up palette data so you can see how the program works, and eventually I’ll add the rest of the GBA FE battle sprites (at least the generic classes), or you can load any of your own images
The program will work properly with more than 16 colors if you wish (up to 256), but I don’t believe there are any situations where that would actually work in GBA FE so if you’re using it for hacks it is not advised

FE Recolor download(old version)

You’ll need .NET Framework 4 to run it, if the program doesn’t work you probably need to download that:
.NET Framework


The window is too tall for some screens e.g. laptops, so I shifted some stuff around:
(L before, R after)


Made an update, check the first post


New Update and UI looks very cool! The color drop tool thing that allows you to use colors from any window open is so useful!! It’s much easier to pick a color than having to edit the RGB values manually! Great job Yeti!!!

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