FE-Mappy Converter

This program takes an image of a map and a tileset and creates a Mappy file from it. Useful if you use the standardized GBA tilesets to map and want to edit a map from FE, or to turn a map you only have the image of back into a Mappy file. Or if you’re feeling adventurous you could draw a map in your image editor of choice and just convert that into a Mappy file to get a starting point for actual mapping. Also good to convert maps from one FE to another one.
Seems useful to me at least.

FE8 Chapter 16 - After running through the program with FE7’s Blue Castle - After about 10 minutes of fixing

Should probably check the guide for it, since user aided mode is a bit confusing at first.

Keep focus on the window while it’s running, it pauses processing when you change windows.

Might require right click => Run as Administrator in Vista/7, it’s programmed with RMXP and RMXP has problems with Vista/7 sometimes. Should work with no trouble in XP though


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