FE Map Creator (also generates random maps)

i don’t think it will ever compare to actually making a map by hand, but the generator isn’t like this awful cancer evil thing that’s like, corrupting the creative mindspace or anything

like, if i set out to make a map for the sake of making a good map, i’m going to go and do it by hand, no questions asked. If I want to just make a level with vaguely defined flow/etc, and i’m not super fussed over the minor issues (and/or terrain specifics etc), i might well just make a randomized one and make minor changes afterwards

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As someone who sucks at art, this thing is amazing. I don’t think I’d be able to just sit down and produce a good looking map by myself tile by tile, but this thing allows for all those small details to be done for me.

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when I try to click on one of the download links nothing happens.

Looks like the links are broken. Yeti’s site isn’t working properly. Hmm.

Here is an alternate DL link. I think this should work… but I’m not 100%. Let me know if you have issues.


And for .Net Framework:


Is there any way to extend a map size without creating a new map?
My current map is too big to be selected the whole map and paste into new blank map

resize map under the edit option

Can anyone help me out with the map for each chapter of my FE8 Rom hack I’m working on? There is a map of the whole Creek from the show and I want this to be part of the World Map cause I think this might work for one.

Not a mod or anything, but you should make a dedicated thread to ask for people to help with your project instead of spreading it across multiple threads that are for other things.

It keeps things from getting cluttered, and it’d save you from needing to keep track of multiple threads for responses.

what are you talking about? i am turning this into a mod and i am new to this site and stuff and idk how to get started to ask for help.

What I mean is you could make your own forum thread with the title like “Help Wanted For A Fire Emblem Hack” instead of asking in multiple threads.

So then people can see what you’re looking for all in one place, and you won’t need to make several posts in multiple threads.

Contro is saying they’re not a moderator so their word isn’t official or anything
You can start by creating a thread for asking for help if you want to try but I recommend posting some screenshots in that dedicated thread too in order to show that you are someone that people would want to work with

Last post I’m making here.